Wednesday, May 17, 2017

All new Fiat Argo

This is obviously not for us, since it will be replacing the Punto.
And the Punto is not part of Fiat's US line up.

Not sure what Fiat is doing in the US. There doesn't seem to be a lot of new models.
I really like the design of the 500X, but reviews have been mixed.
The new 124 looks fantastic, but I've seen only one on the road!
Are they even advertising it?
Is Crazy Sergio also trying to kill Fiat? Leaving only cheap models for "emerging markets"?

This Argo doesn't look bad , except for that uninspired front end that looks like it belongs to an old car.
(They've used that design on some other model too)

So it took them about 12 years to get a replacement for the current Punto.
How about something for the 10 year old Fiat 500 next?


Doug said...

Looks nice, but small cars are dead in the US.

Joern said...

I am sorry, but this is a complete failure - from A to Z. The current Punto has a clean, upscale design that worked for nearly ten years now. This is only a busy mess. I am done with Fiat! And I loved that brand for being quirky, different and elegant. Where is the Italian funkyness, Sergio? Does this say "Italian design"? And if not - what is the reason to buy a Fiat these days?

Anonymous said...

Looks cute, but it also looks like anything else including a Hyundai.