Thursday, May 25, 2017

2019 Chrysler Portal?

This was sent to me as the new upcoming Chrysler Portal.

I have heard rumors that Chrysler would actually produce a version of the really cool looking Portal concept.
But since the brand is practically dead, any new product rumor is suspicious.

This would obviously be a new crossover smaller than the Pacifica. 
The mule/prototype pictured above is pretty covered up, so it's hard to actually see or even guess how close it would be to the concept design.
Or if it is even a Chrysler. Since Crazy Sergio is doing his best to kill both Chrysler and Dodge, this might turn out to be a yet another Jeep after all.

I am trying go get more on this soon....


Soul2Stinger said...

Something tells me it'll look nothing like the concept and may just be the additional of a desperately needed CUV (which is a good thing).

Anonymous said...

make dead dodge journey + Durango = 2020 Jeep Journey + Durango all suv go to Jeep

alfa romeo = Chrysler dead
fiat = dodge dead