Thursday, May 25, 2017

2018/19 Jeep 7 seater model (new Grand Cherokee?)

These are patent drawings from Jeep. Of a new 7 seater model.
It could be a production version of the Yuntu concept we saw from China recently.
Or the all new larger Jeep Wagoneer.
Or, also, a longer 7 seater version of the next Grand Cherokee.

 This is all we have so far about the upcoming Wagoneer.
And it doesn't really match the patent drawings...

This is the Chinese concept.
Which, being a concept, is pretty wild looking.
And pretty different from the patent drawings too.

I think the patent fillings actually show the 7 seater Grand Cherokee.
I mean, Fiat is poring tons of money into Jeep these days.
The current Grand Cherokee is 7 years old. Which means a new one should be around the corner.
(But who knows with Crazy Sergio Marchionne keeping designs forever...)

So my vote is for: 2018/19 Grand Cherokee.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh. So a Durango. LOL

Unknown said...

They keep making shit like this they'll never be taken seriously

Anonymous said...

So, Jeep Durango. What a waste.

Anonymous said...

The proportions look weird

Harry_Wild said...

Looks too feminine! Lost it many of it ruggedly masculinity! More minivan then anything else look! It height is a bit short too! I think this is the Wagoner!

Anonymous said...

The placement of the front tire, as well as the long front overhang, would suggest a FWD-based architecture. Worse still, why is Jeep making all its SUVs look like everybody else's mostly ugly SUVs?

Anonymous said...

It looks like it has minivan proportions. If it wasn't for the absence of rear sliding doors, I would say this was Jeep's version of the Chrysler Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

I believe they will come out with two (2) 6/7-seat SUV's. This looks like the smaller of the two, about the size of a Toyota Hylander; and build on a stretched Cherokee ( not Grand ) platform. That one also may appear only as a Chrysler Brand in the US. The other, more of a "true" Jeep (off-road capable, unlinke 90% of the SUV's we see today) will be the size of an Escalade or Navigator -- and probably in that price range as well. Unlike Escalade, Navigator, Sequoia, GLS, X5, Range Rover or QX80; the large Jeep will be as capable off-road as on. With Jeep's unique 4x4 system than can instantainiously transfer any % of power to any 1 or combination of wheels at any time--always matching the %of power per wheel to the % of traction available at each wheel. ( Its why Jeeps don't get stuck where everything else does. ) ...and no, I'm not a jeep fanboy and never worked for FCA--just giving you the facts.