Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Toyota FT-4X Concept

I like this.
But I am also a bit disappointed...
Since I really thought Toyota was going to show us what would become the next FJ Cruiser.  And even though this looks fine and quite original, I just don't think it will be produced.

I mean, who knows. Why not.
But I am really not sure anything like this will become a production model from Toyota.

It is now a full on 4 door, which I guess is easer to sell these days.
And I actually really like the weird back end. Maybe its just the white color, but there is a cool 70's vibe to it.

I really wish Toyota will have the guts to produce this or something very close.

More pictures coming very soon...


Naskarrkid said...

If this ends up in production, hopefully they add a window on the rear passenger side C (D?) pillar area. Other than that I can see it being a mini 4Runner competing with the Jeep Renegade.

Soul2Stinger/FusioptimaSX said...

Keeping up with the FJ blind spot tradition I see. I think they need something like this these days. Rugged, but fuel efficient. I'm still confused as to why Honda stopped producing the Element.