Friday, April 07, 2017

Jeep K8???

This was sent to me as a comment from a previous post, from a reader. (Thanks!)
The whole story can be seen HERE at

This seems to be an upcoming model for China.
A 3 row version of the Cherokee. Kind of... With its own design.
Allpar also mentions it could be sold in the US as a Chrysler. Which sounds weird.
I mean it does look like a newer Jeep design, nothing like a Chrysler.
(Although poor dying Chrysler needs all the help they can get. Even a Jeep with a Chrysler grille I guess...)

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

The drawing does make it look rather tall and narrow, but aside from the back third of the greenhouse this would make the perfect Cherokee replacement.

Korean Car Mania said...

As a former 2014 Cherokee owner, I loved the car. I didn't have any issues. This would be nice as a replacement. Now would this make a nice Chrysler or next Journey, maybe but if they aren't going to add any more sedans, that would be a big shame. Maybe move the Pacifica minivan over to Dodge and zap Chrysler.

Harry_Wild said...

Looks like new Discovery!

Anonymous said...

this is what I want...

Chrysler replacement now Alfa Romeo
Dodge now Fiat
Dodge Journey now Jeep Journey 2019 please All suv/crossover should belong Jeep

Both cease Chrysler + dry death dodge no market value
who will spent $60000 for Chrysler pacifica even middle seat not flow