Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Audi enron Sportback concept

This has to be one of Audi's best design ever.
It really seems to look great from any angle. Including inside.

Audi claims a production version will be on sale in 2019, and will have a 500km EV range. (About 311 miles) Which does sound great.
Specs are similar to the Skoda Vision E Concept and the VW ID Cross concept.
So they are probably basically all the same car, with their own designs.

I wonder what happened to Audi's TT of road concept they had a couple of years ago. A raised up 4 door hatchback version of the TT. Which looked quite nice.
This new Etron looks about the same size. But I have to say, much more modern.

Let's hope they don't mess it up too much between now and 2019...


Philthy82 said...

Good to see Audi taking advantage of all that Enron goodwill :-D

Anonymous said...

just like the defunct honda crosstour...helloooooo