Thursday, April 27, 2017

All new Wey VV7 Chinese SUV

Yes, this is yet another compact SUV from China.

But this one looks more interesting to me.
While it doesn't bring anything new,  I think it looks quite nice.
And I really like the lack of chrome. Even on the grille. Which is really refreshing.

It is powered by a 2.0 Liter turbo and is supposed to start at around $24 000 in China.
So not a low end car. (The new "Wey" brand is owned by the more mainstream "Great Wall" brand.)

I have no idea of car prices in China. If they are cheaper than here when translated into dollars etc...
(That would be really interesting to know)

Also, while $24 000 seems very reasonable in the US, I assume the average Chinese worker makes much, much less than the average American or European worker.
How could they ever afford t a $24 000 car???

Or even a $12 000 one?


stellar said...

I don't think they're so concerned with what an average worker makes. In a country of one billion people, even if you're only targeting the top 5%, you'll still have 50 million potential customers.

Anonymous said...

Hello bloated Mazda CX clone.

Anonymous said...

The nose isn't long enough.