Saturday, April 08, 2017

2018 Buick Regal/Opel Insignia hatchback

Since we now know our Buick Regal will also be a hatchback, I thought I would lost a few more pictures of the Opel version (Which is the same car)
Showcasing the advantages of a hatchback.

I think most people used to a regular sedan won't be put off by the hatchback design. (Since it almost looks like a send anyway)
But they will get used to the every day practicality.

Good for GM!

I was talking to a few Ford Execs a while ago about the Fusion hatchback. These guys are still saying the US market is not ready for it.

I really hope the Regal proves everyone wrong.
Just like the Focus, Fiesta, Mazda3, Elantra GT, Civic Hatch, Golf etc...have been doing for years.


moore said...

Overall, styling is good. I'm indifferent to the fact that it's a hatch and can see it would be more practical than a regular sedan. But, I hate the fake rear quarter window. As you look down the car that window really gives a cluttered look.

Jann K said...

Skoda also use this styling for many years.
Skoda Rapid as a low cost sedan-hactcback has good sales figures.
And Skoda Superb has more success than VW Passat in many countries across Europe. Both has a good popularity among fleet cars. I m sure US will get used to it and this type of design will come more popular in years.

Anonymous said...

Vince, I am not sure where you saw a hatchback. All I see is a fastback and a wagon.