Monday, March 06, 2017

AMG GT Concept

I wish this could turn into the next Mercedes CLS.
But no...

I does look like a 4 door version of the great AMG GT coupe. Which starts at about $112 000.
So this is not even comparable to the CLS.

Still, this promises to be quite an amazing car.

I guess competing with high end versions of the Porsche Panamera. Or even the Tesla Mode S?
And look. Another hatchback!

More ( and better) pictures very soon.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the title be: AMG GT Concept?

Anonymous said...

FINALLY! A generic sedan with all the unique classiness of a Ford Fusion / Hyundai Sonata / Chrysler 200 / Subaru Legacy / etc --- at the price of an AMG Mercedes. The ultimate answer to the question nobody was asking.

Anonymous said...

To compete w Porsche

Anonymous said...

It's really nice, but it looks so generic. I'd have guessed Kia or Hyundai if not for the star.

Anonymous said...

Back to the 5 door sedans. As in Mazda 626 5door