Monday, March 06, 2017

All new VW Arteon

This is the best VW design in years.
A really good looking sedan.

It will be replacing the "aging but still good looking" CC. (Which started life as "Passat CC")

Just like the CC, it is based on the Passat (The Euro version)
You can especially tell inside. Where the dashboard looks pretty much exactly the same as the European Passat.
Which is OK. But very, very square.
Kind of a let down when you see the gorgeous exterior, if you ask me.
How much could cost to modify that dash a little bit more...
(At least it is still a little bit more interesting to look at than the Audi A4 dashboard)

The best part is that now, the car is a hatchback. Just like the Audi A7. Or the A5 sedan.


Anonymous said...

Agree interior is as conservative / dull as ever. Typical VW:-(.

Not sure why you say A4 interior is worse. Much more modern looking than this imo especially center stack.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous sweet se# #0LE of a car

Carl Sandstedt said...

Repeat after me.... mid sized hatches are good, mid sized hatches are good....

Vince Burlapp said...

Yes they are!

I really think hatches could help save the shrinking mid size car market in the US.
Since now people are so used to a hatchback with all these SUVs around.

But... Car makers are making way more profits by selling SUVs than cars. So i'm afraid most of them actually want that part of the market to disappear. They call it an 'trend" when in reality they created it. Pushing SUVs in families who didn't need one.

Harry_Wild said...

Me like for now! Have to see it in person to say for sure of course! Hatchback coupes that are midsize are great for hauling long thin stuff!

FFEMT6 said...

After the emissions scandal, I would never buy one, no matter how good they might look. Based on principle.

6-speed said...

This car is hot!!!