Friday, March 03, 2017

2018 BMW X3: Really???

 This is supposed to be all new.

The usual super lazy BMW design stuff. This is really sad..

Of course, it's still covered up. But really, I din't expect much.
Plus they all look the same. Not only different generation. But all of them! X1, X3,X5..
Nobody except BMW fan boys can tell the difference.

Her is an earlier one. Or the current model I can't tell.


1finn said...

But that is what they all do, Audi, Mercedes, BMW etc. create one design then just produce it in all sizes.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Boring stuff, and they keep updating the wheels designs to fool their fanboys.

Anonymous said...

But Vince, the rear most window is rounder and the grill is slightly bigger... come on.

Harry_Wild said...

Big difference is in the real upper quarter panel windows now have a narrower fish like face at the edge!

Other then that; no major change that I can see! Still cameoflage however, so their maybe more that is hidden. I think the interior especially the center console will be different!