Friday, February 10, 2017

2018 Nissan Leaf

Those of us expecting a production version of the 2015 IDS concept might be disappointed.
As, so far, the all new Leaf looks a lot like the current one.

Although, I do see a floating roof under all that camouflage.

It is about time for a new Leaf.
Nissan has been left behind.
They will probably loose a bunch of sales to the all new Chevrolet Bolt. Which is already on sale.

The new Leaf needs to get over 200 miles per charge if it wants to be mentioned in the same conversation.

I test drove the Leaf a couple of times a few years back.
I found if very roomy and comfortable. But also not at all as sporty as the Volt. 
Which I guess is fine with current Prius owners. But I also thought the Eco mode was downright dangerous.
Randering the car much too slow to safely drive around in traffic.

Still, an all new Leaf is great news for any EV fan.
And I can't wait to see and drive it.

As a reminder, here is the IDS concept.
I guess it is still pretty futuristic. A bit too much ?


Anonymous said...

Yaaaa that Tesla losers!!!!

Anonymous said...

"eat that Tesla losers"

I don't think Tesla is losing any sleep over this dreary econobox. Sorry...

Vince Burlapp said...

Exactly. Tesla isn't even competing in that segment.

Anonymous said...

Tesla builds junk. Smoke and mirrors. All the sheep follow. Elon musk is a gentleman

Anonymous said...

Ok, then... i can't argue with this flawless logic...

Patrick said...

Vince, this looks NOTHING like the current Leaf. Please tell me where the similarities are. Front end? No. Rear? No.