Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2018 Hyundai i30 coupe/fastback?

Looks like Hyundai has bigger plans for the all new Euro i30.
There will be a regular wagon version in a few months.

But also this coupe like fastback version.
Still a four door.
Kind of like a small Audi A5.

Kind of strange. I mean it could look good. (Or end up looking very close to the ionic?)
I remember when there were rumors about a "4 door coupe" version of the Jetta. That never happened.
Looks like Hyundai thought it could be a good idea.

The new i30 already came out here as the Elantra GT. So there might be hope for this as well?

Good to see someone at least trying something new. That is NOT another SUV...


Anonymous said...

coupe shmoop's a sedan... no gimmicks please

Anonymous said...

i30 hatchback and wagon is already available. I think this is another liftback model. Plenty of those in Europe unlike here in the US.