Tuesday, February 28, 2017

2018 Range Rover Velar

I must say, I'm a little disappointed...

The Evoque is such a great looking design. So is the Range Rover Sport. You would think something in-between could be quite something.

It ends up looking like a mash up of both. Nothing new, nothing we haven't seen before.

I guess it doesn't matter. It still does look good. And it's a huge market.
So even if it actually competes with its cousin, the Jaguar F-Pace, who cares!


2018 Volvo S60 sedan

In order to demonstrate its upgraded "City Program" technology, Volvo just published a few illustrations. All featuring the next S60 sedan!

So there it is.
Blurry. Fuzzy. Low-rez.

It looks good. It seems they made an effort to keep a lot of the current car's feel in the design.
The final product might end up looking like a cross between the current S60 and the new S90.
Which wouldn't be bad, really.

The next year should be a huge one for Volvo. With an all new XC60.
Followed by the XC40. And S60 sedan and V60 wagon.
Then the all new S40 compact.

Pretty busy....

2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Another car that is an insult to its name: this one.

While this is not a nightmare, this is NOT an Eclipse either.

I am not sure who told Mitsubishi using the name Eclipse on an SUV was a good idea.
Everyone will make (even more) fun of them. This is a terrible idea.

As for the car itself (Which should just be called Mitsubishi Cross), I think it's just OK.
Some of the proportions in the back do remind me of the Aztec though...

Otherwise, I am sure it's just fine.

Power is from a 1.5 Liter engine with a CVT. So again, don't expect a sporty Eclipse drive.
The Mitsubishi PR BS officially mentions a "brisk driving experience".
Can you imagine...

 I am sure it's OK compared to its competition like the Honda HR-V.
But "brisk"....

2018 DS 7: Now it's official.

It is finally here. The real thing. After all these spy shots around forever...

It's actually not bad looking. Except for that ghastly front end.
I mean it still looks more modern than any SUV from Audi.

Inside it looks like a bunch of ideas put together. Only that left air vent on the dash is a bit reminiscent of the original 1955 DS sedan. (Which might not even be intentional...)
Otherwise, no matter how "nice" this is, it is not, and should have never been called a "DS".
This is quite an insult to the Citroen DS history of being so special.

This could be from anyone, anywhere.

Since PSA will now bring us some cars in the US (through some vague/weird car sharing set up),
we might actually see them in the street.
And I can guaranty you they would be quite invisible (again, just what the original DS was not)

The Citroen we need over here is THIS ONE.
I drove the Cactus a while ago. And it is a everything Citroen should be in the 21st Century.

Not this....

Monday, February 27, 2017

Another 2018 Volvo XC60 teaser

Here is yet another teaser of the all new 2018 Volvo XC60.

Still looking good. And looking like a Volvo.
Not much else we can say from this.

For more on the new XC60 you can go : HEREHEREHERE and even HERE!
(which should be enough reading for a whole day!)

Honda Clarity EV: WTF???

The EV version of the Hydrogen powered Clarity is now rumored to get only 80 miles per charge.
That's right. 80 miles.

For a 2018 model that sounds like a joke.
Not only, it is far less than any other EVs. It's not that much bore than a Volt. Which is a Plug-in car that will never leave you stranded.

Unless, that rumor is about the upcoming Plug-in hybrid version of the Clarity?
In that case, it would be great! 80 miles EV plus gas.

If the rumor is true, and Honda can only get 80 miles out of an EV these days, it is a really sad statement about the company.

So let's hope the rumor is wrong. Let's hope the 80 miles EV range is actually for the Plug-in version.

Head over HERE for more info about that sad/crazy rumor.

2018 Hyundai Sonata

Here is what Hyundai is getting ready for the new year.

Obviously, the 2018 model will be more aggressive.
This is not an all new model. Just what we see here, a new front and new rear designs.
HERE are a few shots of the real thing, all covered up.
Where you can see the profile will be the same car.

Let's also hope there is some work done inside. Where it had became way more conservative than the previous model....

Friday, February 24, 2017

Citroen Aircross C4

 Or whatever the name might be. C3 Aircross? C4 Aircross?

It does look pretty small.

The concept was a pretty fantastic design. I really hope the production model stays as close as it can.

From the spy shot above, it looks like it will.
The rear door handle looks fake. (I am sure they found a way to use the cool design from the concept)

Otherwise it seems like another really cool design from Citroen coming up.
Here is the great looking concept.

Hollywood car sighting.

And why not share this...

Updated Citroen C5 coming soon.

These are official teasers of the revised Citroen C5. There will be a new front end, rear design. And an all new interior.
Which is just fine, although the whole car is overdue for a total redesign.

But. So far, this is only for China.
So Europe might get an all new one sometime next year. 

And here is the real thing. In China.

The C5 is still a good looking car.
So updating the front and rear designs, as well as the interior is not a bad thing.
I guess they can still squeeze a couple of years out of it over there.

I remember back when VW was selling the old Passat/Santana in China for something like 60 years!

Another teaser of the new Volvo XC60

Already shaping up top be quite a good looking SUV.
I smell another great looking Volvo coming up.
Its really nice to see a brand coming up with one nice design after another. Like Mazda. And even, mostly, Kia.

And with a scaled down S90 interior design, it really could be one of the best of its class.

We only have a few days to wait. 

2018 Range Rover Velar interior

I guess this does match the teaser we saw of the car a couple of days ago. So this could be it.

The Velar will be priced right above the Evoque. While using the same platform as the Jaguar F-Pace SUV.
The Evoque still look great.
This should be quite something...

From the other guys: All new Jeep Compass test drive

Autoblog just reviewed the all new Compass.

And they seem to like it.
It looks like the issues with Fiat/Chrysler 9 speed auto have been finally addressed.
And they don't trash the 2.4 Liter engine like others have done. So that might have improved too?

Unless this is all due to that "press drive excitement".
I have been there, a few times.
You get to drive all these new cars in a super cool location.
Everything is free and paid for.
Basically, everyone is having a great time.

The real test is usually when you get to keep the car for a few days, on your own, away from any press people.

Still, good to see a good review for this....

Head over HERE to read all about it.

Jalopnik does have a slightly different take.
While they really praise the interior and the design, they bash the engine for being too weak, and the 9 speed auto for being much too slow to react.
Read all about it HERE.

It looks like the new Compass is begging for a world famous "BurlappDrive".
Which might not happen right away, since I don't have access to their fleet. Yet...

2018 Volvo XC60 Teaser

Not showing much, et.
Except a were shape of the headlights. they now go all the way to the grille.
Why not...

Here is the spy interior shot I posted a few days ago.
Again, for your viewing pleasure.

We should see the whole thing in just a few days. A very important car for Volvo, since the XC60 is their most popular model right now.

HERE is where you can check out more pix of the new XC60.

2017/18 Ford Fiesta ST

The all new Fiesta ST comes with a new 200HP 3 cylinder turbo.
Yes, that's 200HP for a tiny 3 cylinder engine. Quite a mazing...

I drove the "regular" 3 cylinder turbo in a Focus last year, and it is already a great engine.
The current Fiesta ST is one of the most fun I've had driving in many years.

So this should be quite a fun car.
I can't wait....

Thursday, February 23, 2017

How about a few pictures of that little BMW 1 series sedan...

I think it actually looks a bit nicer than the 3 series.
Even though I am not crazy of either cars.

So far, this is for China only. I guess BMW is afraid this would steal sales from the "cash cow" 3 series.
Audi and Mercedes didn't think the same way when they decided to sends over the A3 and CLA.

I mean, most people don't even know or care about FWD Vs RWD.
So that wouldn't matter much. 
It does have the BMW badge on the hood. Which is what people do care about.

The A3 is just an expensive Gold sedan, and they sell plenty of these.

So I say: why not.

All new VW Arteon teasers

The all new Arteon will replace the current VW CC.
After all these years...

The CC was a fancy, less roomy but slicker version of the previous Passat.
This is based on the current European Passat.
But now it is a hatchback.

We are also supposed to get it in the US. Where it will of course be priced above the Passat.
Which means, it will end up competing with the new Kia GT. (At least the 2.0 Liter version) Also a hatchback.

So basically, this will be a better looking Audi A4.
For a lot less money.

That should be quite interesting...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2018 Hyundai iTourer

There it is. The wagon version of the 130 compact. For Europe only.

I guess if sold here, it would be the Elantra wagon.
Still, we are getting the hatchback, so that's not so bad...

2018 Volvo XC60

The all new mid size Volvo SUV is right around the corner.
As we should see the real thing in just a few weeks.
Meanwhile, we get to see the interior a little bit early. It is still a prototype where some of the trim is missing.
So the real thing will look even better. But this is promising.

Looks like a lot of the great 90 series interior has made the transition to the smaller models.
Which is great.

Monday, February 20, 2017

2019 Tesla Model S

The curent model S still looks great.
Thanks to a great design from Franz Von Holzhausen (who also did the great Pontiac Solstice).
But... It is already about 5 years old.
Since it came out, most luxury cars of that price range have been redesigned.

Sure, being an EV, it is kind of unique. But competition from Audi, Porsche and Mercedes is just around the corner.
Even if the new Model 3 and upcoming Model Y are getting all the press these days, Tesla will need a new or updated Model S pretty soon.

 There are new rumors about the car:

. It should be ready for the 2019 model year.
. It will use most of the same platform as the current car (and why not)
. Electric range will increase (of course)
. It will be slightly larger than the current model.
. Design will be an evolution of the current one.
. Interior design supervised by Anders Bell (previously from Volvo) should be miles ahead of what it is now. Finally on par with other cars in the price range.

No matter what, the next Model S will be once again a good looking luxury EV.
But will these changes be enough to fight the new competition from Germany?

Sunday, February 19, 2017

2018 Genesis G70

 This one is a big deal for Hyundai's new Genesis brand.
As it is getting ready to take on the 3 series, C-Class and A4. As well as the all new Alfa Romeo.

But, as you can see, the production model will be a much different design than the rather interesting concept we saw a while ago.
This is the concept.
Next to it, the production prototype just looks like a Hyundai version of the Lexus IS. Which is really too bad.
The concept wasn't futuristic or even that original. But it did look a bit different.
The third side window looked really nice, I thought.

They look like 2 completely different cars.
This has been a problem for many years at Hyundai.
Showing us great concepts that really amount to nothing.

I mean why even bother? 

2018/19 Toyota Corolla

Still very early, so we can't see much.
It doesn't look that different from the current model (red car). But again, this is an early prototype.
It does look a bit more angular in general.

The Corolla is not intended to look futuristic or that stylish anyway. The current model is doing just fine.
It is super reliable, roomy and actually looks pretty nice.
There is really nothing wrong with it and it is a big step up from the previous one.

So of course, Toyota will stay pretty close to the winning formula next time around...