Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Finally! Faraday Future FF91

 Who knows if this car will actually see the light of day. But so far, they did pull it off.
Revealing their first production car. the don't have a factory, most of their execs have left the company, there is almost no money left. But hey, the do have this car to show off!

And it looks great. And super futuristic.
Finally (With Lucid motors) something modern in the luxury car segment.

The specs are crazy, starting with 1050HP from a 130kWh battery pack.
(Who really cares about 1000HP...)

But it does have a "certified" range of 378 miles. A 4 hour charge on a 220 plug gives you half of the charge.
Not bad at all.

Not sure how stable the company is these days. Or when work on the Nevada faculty will actually resume. But you can put a $5000 deposit on one right now.
(if you dare)

They also don't call this a concept. But mention this is not the finished production car.
So basically, yes, this is a concept. And who knows how close the real thing will be.
No real picture of the interior yet.
But here is something. Looking super roomy and luxurious.
With some guy from Faraday Future inside. Almost smiling.

He might just be one of the last employees left...


Anonymous said...

Looks neat, but i don`t think this will reach mass production

Anonymous said...

I don't like that it's Chinese owned

Anonymous said...


It looks super-cool. Me likey...

Anonymous said...

I don't like that it's Chinese owned either. But it's based out of CA, which helps. I hope this makes it. It looks like a good concept, if a bit un-finished and buggy. The presentation video was awkward as hell. But the guys have heart, and you can tell that this means a lot to a lot of people. Tesla could use a competitor.

Anonymous said...

"But the guys have heart..."

Anonymous said...

Bankruptcy written all over it !