Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2018 BMW 5 series Touring.

Not ugly. 
But really, this is strictly for BMW fans.

I saw the new 5 series sedan in the streets and it just looks totally invisible.
So does this wagon. Again, it's not ugly. At all.
But there is really no excuse for zero style.

Even the new Mercedes E-Class wagon is trying a bit harder. 

Unless you must have a BMW, in a world where the new Volvo V90 exists, there is really no reason for this.

2018 Seat Ibiza

Of course, we are not getting this. Since we just don't get the whole Seat brand anyway.

I must say, this is a bit of a disappointment. Seat designs are usually much more interesting than their more expensive VW cousins.
While the exterior could be considered as "just fine".
that interior is quite a let down.
Talk about "uninspired". Really...
This is pretty bad for 2017.

This wil compete in the same segment as the new Ford Fiesta. Which seems, at least from pictures, much nicer than this.
There is also an all new Opel Corsa coming out soon.

What we are supposed to get from that platform is the next VW Polo. At least as a sedan, but maybe the hatchback too.
And, of course, some new "smaller than Tiguan" SUV/Crossover?wagon thing....

2018 Hyundai Sonata

Back in 2012
Not much to see from this...

The usual "mic-cycle refresh" for the Sonata sedan.

These small changed might not help the Sonata much. Since an all new Camry is showing up at dealers very soon.
And an all new Accord is just around the corner.

The next couple of years might be tough for the Sonata. An all new design is really needed.
Hyundai did mess things up a lot when they redesigned their mid size sedan.
Everyone (Except VW) is now going for much more modern designs.

Back in 2012, the previous generation was selling 230 605 units. The best ever.
And numbers had gone up every year.
The current one has never sold that much.

Head over HERE for all the spy shots of the "not so new" Sonata.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

New Mercedes "design language" coming up

Mercedes has decided to preview their new design language with what they call a "Aesthetics A sculpture".
So not really a concept, but rather a car sculpture.

Showing mostly a language that will be applied to the next A Class.
Which means, it will also be used in the B Class, CLA and GLA.

The one above looks like a sedan. So it could be the next CLA. But there are also talks about a regular A Class sedan.
I guess anything is better than the current B Class.
So it looks like an improvement.

We will know very soon since the new A Class is supposed to be coming out very soon. And prototypes of the next GLA have already been driving around.

All new Volvo V90 Cross Country commercial

I have to say, this is one of my favorite new car.

I do like the regular model better than the jacked up one pictured in this video.
But that model is only available through special order in the US.
So most likely, the ones we will see here will almost all be this Cross Country version.

Quite a different and amazing way to portray a car in a commercial.

Price battle of the new Hybrids: Nissan Rogue Vs.Kia Niro

The new hybrid version of the familiar Nissan Rogue starts at $26 240 (only $1000 more than the base non-hybrid model)
While the all new Niro starts at $22 900.

Sure, the Rogue is a bit larger. Although not that much roomier. (I sat in both)
Cargo behind the front seats is 26.7 Cubic Feet.
While the Niro tops at 25.5 with the rear seats up.
So just a small difference.

But... Gas mileage is very different. And that's why people buy Hybrids.
The Rogue is rated at 33City/35Hwy.
While the much more efficient Niro gets up to 52 City and 49Hwy.
Quite an amazing difference.
For about $3000 less.

I also like the cleaner look of the Niro better. But that's a personal taste.

And, I know, the Niro competes more with the new smaller Rogue Sport than the regular model.
Stil, I think many people will check both the Rogue and Niro when shopping for a compact Hybrid crossover.
It's not like there are that many choices anyway.

What do you think?

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2018 Toyota Supra

 You can see a few new cool pictures of the all new Toyota Supra prototype test driving in the snow HERE

Look quite sporty.
Its cousin, the all new BMW Z5 will, of course, be a convertible. This time with a regular soft top.

While the Toyota might remain a coupe.

This is the FT1 concept from a few years ago.
And I do see a lot of similar proportions on the Supra prototype.
Windows, roof etc...

Let's hope the new Supra ends up looking like a toned down version of this.
Without all the unnecessary wings, scoops and vents.

All new Mitsubishi SUV coming out.

I would call this the new Outlander Sport. Except now, there are rumors this is actually a bit larger.
And will fir in between the Outlander and the Sport.
Both models are quite old and do need to be replaced ASAP. (Especially the Sport)

So I really think this is actually the new Sport Mitsubishi desperately needs.

We can't tell much from this official teaser. but we have already seen concepts versions.
And plenty of the toned down prototypes of the production model around.
So there might not be much of a surprise.

I think they need to do something really original to come back from Zombie Land. Like only have a plug-in version. Or just EV.

Otherwise this will just be another small SUV...

2018 Mercedes E-Class convertible test drive!

These lucky guys at Motor1 got to ride in a brand new E-Class convertible.
A car that is not even out yet.

I always liked the current convertible version of the E-Class. Except for the old fashion squared off interior, which never really grew on me.
Since the new E-Class coupe has inherited the great new sedan interior, I am really eager to see the new convertible.

Head over HERE to see more pictures. And especially, read about it.

Monday, January 23, 2017

New Hyundai Celesta/Accent

As you can see, this is the Chinese market version.
So there is probably way more chrome than in the one we'll be getting here as the new Accent.

A very predictable design.

Just like the current Accent looked like a shrunken down previous Sonata.
The new one uses the same recipe. Now starting with the current (and more conservative) Sonata design.

To me, small super conservative sedans usually look really bad.
And old.
And this is the case right here.

There is just zero fun in this. Sure, it doesn't look as bad as the Nissan Versa sedan. But nothing does.

Let's hope there is a "slightly more fun" hatchback available in our market...

2018 Subaru Crosstrek teaser photo

Not sure why they even bother with a teaser since we all know what the car will actually look like.
It will, once again, be a raised up version of the regular Impreza hatchback, with funky wheels and bigger roof racks.
And why not.
If that's what people want.

I think the new Impreza hatch is actually pretty cute. So that Crosstrek version should keep
their sales pretty high.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

How about another picture of the 2018 Mustang Convertible.

For the millions who just can't get enough of the "not so" new 2018 Mustang.

From this angle, only the hood looks different...

2017 Citroen C3 Picasso

Although these are still just illustrations, they kind of  match the proportions of it's new Opel cousin, the Crossland X.
So I guess the final product will pretty much look like this.
Which is kind of weird. As the shape is much less modern and original than the current C3 Picasso.

Sure, they added all the "fine  bits" from the Cactus and C3. 
But all these cool details can't cover the really boring shape...
So, let's hope this is all wrong...

(Current C3 Picasso pictured below)

Next Mercedes GLA already testing

The "revised for 2017" model isn't even on sale in the US yet. And the next one is already driving around in prototype form.
From the look of these pictures, it seems they are staying pretty close to the current design.
Which, for once, is great.
I think the current GLA is one of their best looking model. Still fresh and modern.

Head over HERE for all the pix and info.

Friday, January 20, 2017

2018 Lexus LS500 video.

There you go.
It's just like being there. Feast your eyes on this video of the all new Lexus LS500 luxury sedan.

Mercedes and BMW owners will never even consider anything else.
But for those with an open mind, the new Lexus interior seems really nice.
For my taste, much nicer than anything currently offered by Audi.

At least there is some style. Something different. I think they have finally came up with their own thing...

Together at last: 2018 Mustang and Kia Stinger GT!

For the millions of fans out there.

Only here. A new (to me) picture of the 2018 Mustang.
And a shot of the interior door panel of the all new Kia Stinger GT.

2018 Mustang GT Convertible

Zero surprises here. Since it gets all the changes we just saw a few days ago on the 2018 Mustang.
With its sad face and droopy eyes.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

2019 BMW 6 series convertible.

One really cool video of the next BMW 6 series convertible testing in the snow.
This looks like a fun job...

All new Volvo XC40 coming soon?

It is rumored to be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show this April.
And the all new XC60 is rumored to be shown at the Geneva show in March!

That seems like a lot of new Volvos in a very short time.
So I don't think we will see the XC40 that early.

The XC60 has been testing around for a while and there are plenty of pictures of camouflaged prototypes around.
But nothing about the new XC40 yet. (These above are just illustrations)
Except the Concept versions from last year.

Plus, I think Volvo will unveil the whole 60 series first. The XV60 SUV would be first, followed by the S60 sedan and V60 wagon.
Then the 40 series.

Unless they are so hungry for SUVs they must have them all out right now??

What is that???

Obviously an SUV/Crossover of some sort.

This was sent to me a few days ago from Europe. So I assume it's a European thing.
Although some Chinese brands do have studios over there too.

It is actually such a generic SUV shape its hard to tell. It could really be anything.
Which is saying a lot about modern design...

It doesn't look like anything from VW or Audi. I would rule out Mercedes and BMW.
So maybe Opel?
Ford already has the Edge.

Or again, something Chinese. And that could be just anything.

The pic is distorted and it appress the original was really small.

What do you think?

Nissan Qashqai facelift coming up (?)

That's a weird one, since Nissan has just introduced the Qashqai in the US as the Rogue Sport.

I thought our version would be the revised one, but it ended up being the exact same (Except the steering wheel).
Does that mean the Rogue Sport will also get some changes so soon after its introduction?

It's hard to tell what will be new. Probably not much.

I posted a picture of the current European Qashqai (red car) and the US Rogue Sport (Orange one).

Weird timing...

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

More pictures of the 2018 Mustang.

These show some of the wheel styles available. Ford claims there are 10 new wheel designs for a total of 12 available.
Which sounds... like a lot. (I am not even sure there are that many colors available...)

And a shot of that new digital gauges screen.

How about more pictures of the new Kia Stinger GT

In other colors than red. (Although, red IS red...)
And also, a lighter interior color.

I was just wondering if anyone changed their minds about it.
If people who hated it still hate it.
If the ones who loved it still love it.

For my own taste, I still love it. Although there are too many ridiculous details everywhere. Fake air vents etc...
Maybe the 2.0 Liter version is a little cleaner.
I would actually like to see that...

What do you think?
Still love it?
Still hate it?