Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Faraday Future teaser

Ignoring rumors about its impending bankruptcy, Faraday Future has released a new teaser.
This time we "see" the inside of the car.
We actually can't see much at all.

I have to say, it will be really tough to beat what its competition from Lucid Motors showed us a few weeks ago. The Lucid sedan does have an amazing interior.
(Which, of course,  might or might not make it into the production model)

Hard to tell what that is...

Rear seats view from between the front seats?
Rear seats view looking down from between the rear headrests?
Prop from the upcoming Blade Runner sequel?


Anonymous said...

Faraday Failure.

This company is going nowhere, exactly like Lucid Motors.

Anonymous said...

They just need a big cash infusion from American taxpayers like Solindra & Fiskar and tons of other "environmentally-friendly" experiments have gotten over the years!