Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Lucid Motors Air

Here it is. One of the all new "US EV start up with Chinese backing" (The other one being Faraday Future) is finally showing its face.
And it is quite stunning. And futuristic.
(This makes almost any other luxury car look like a "grampa/geezer mobile)

They claim a 400 miles range. Which is better than Tesla.
With a price of "over $100 000 " for a well optioned model.
But there could be a $65 000 version later.

So these prices pretty much match the Tesla Model S. (Which by the way, came out about 5 years ago. It will be 6 years old in 2018)

If everything goes as planned, the car will be produced in an all new factory in Arizona and will go on sale in 2018.

I really can't wait to hear and see more from this when they will show us more at CES in January.
meanwhile, head over HERE for all the info available so far...


Philthy82 said...

Funny thing is, the 5 year old Tesla still has far more modern technology in it than most other cars that are still in development. The styling might age but what's under the skin will be cutting edge for a while yet.

Anonymous said...

Is that musk in background?

Anonymous said...

the nissan leaf is far ahead of all and Elon Musk is in this picture

Unknown said...

This design feels related to the Faraday Future vehicle