Wednesday, December 07, 2016

A nicer interior for the new Toyota C-HR

I sat in the new C-HR at the auto show. And that interior on the US version is pretty basic.

Which makes sense since it was switched from being a Scion to a regular Toyota at the last minute.

Still, these pictures show a Japanese version. A higher end model than what we are getting over here (Which I guess will be black only inside, like all Scions)

This isn't that different, but it is still a big improvement.
Amazing what a little color and better trim can do...

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simesch said...

Indeed the Premium edition in EU is very nice. I drove the Hybrid version yesterday. It is very nosiy as soon you deman a little bit more power but ist still very slow car and the rubberband effect from the gearbox is horrible. All in all a horrible car to drive.