Monday, November 28, 2016

Kia GT/K8?

 Whatever they call it, the all new RWD sedan will be quite a looker.
(Not as slick as the earlier concept bellow of course. )

Not sure how big this thing is. If they call it K8, it could be larger than the new Cadenza.

I personally think this should replace the large K9 in the US.
No one is buying it anyway. And it seems the new Genesis G90 is a better fit for the large soft sedan Hyundai is selling us.
Whatever they call it, it looks almost ready.
So we should see much more of it very soon.


Doug said...

Not understanding why I would want a large, expensive sport sedan that looks just like my neighbors Optima.

Anonymous said...

It's fine I suppose. I do like the tail lamp treatment. The rest of the design is very conventional with some junky jewelry in an attempt to make it interesting. That side vent is a pointless design booger.