Wednesday, November 09, 2016

All new Honda WR-V

Honda just added another "something"R-V to their line up.

It is basically a raised up Fit.
The current Fit is not a pretty car (The previous generation was so much better looking)
So this isn't going to win any beauty contest.
Raising the Fit up a few inches and adding plastic bits all around and a big grille isn't going to improve its look that much.

But it looks like everybody wants a fake SUV these days.
And something small and cheap could attract a few, who might otherwise think the regular Fit is too boring.
At least in South America.
So far the only market for this new Honda.

Should they offer this in the US?
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

At least, they don't offer to South American people some crapy platform without any security test being made on it... This is a safe design, if not an inspiring one.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is a really lazy Fit trim package that they are marketing as an entirely different class of car.. only slightly more differentiated than the Impreza/Crosstrek twins. Somehow, I can see this coming to the US.

Blade Shunner said...

Leave off the roof rack and plastic cladding, lower it at bit, and this could be our facelifted 2018 Fit.

Anonymous said...

Another freaking homerun from...HONDA?

Mitch Lader said...

The design is too busy for me. Mazda is a much better auto design company and will have more timeless distinctive vehicles.

Anonymous said...

This seems more like the 1980's Honda approach (change the vehicle you have minimally, don't design a new one) and Im OK with it for what it is. Its not handsome but South American (even Mexican adn Central America) roads often mean travelling on poor surfaces with large holes. Raising the clearance is almost a requirement, if you travel outside the main cities.

Its interesting to see what Honda is doing elsewhere. Thanks, Vince.