Tuesday, November 29, 2016

All new 2017 Ford Fiesta

I have been watching the launch event, and grabbed some of these. For you.

The new Fiesta, at least in Europe, will come in a super luxury version called Vignale.
(Like other Euro Fords) It is the white car .

The yellow one is an all new model called the Active.
Basically what VW is doing with pretty much all their models in Europe. 
A fake SUV look. In the case of the new Fiesta, I think it looks great.

There is also a 3 door. For Europe. And an ST Line version. Which is mostly the ST look without ST guts.

More very soon...


Anonymous said...

Adjust your spelling, Vince. It's Vignale and Active, not Fignale and Activ.

Hube said...

Its Vignale not Fignale.