Monday, October 17, 2016

Another Honda SUV/Crossover coming up

From the newly released teaser (Above), it looks like a Fit (Bottom pic) on stilts.
With SUV bits added. So basically, a Honda version of a Cross Country/Cross Road  thing.

Something already very popular with most European manufacturers.

Looks like most of the changes will be up front. Where not only there is an all new grille and bumpers. But also more aggressive fenders and hood.
Why not...

But so far, this is mostly for the South American market.
Not US or Europe.

But who knows...
The "regular" Fit starts at $ 16 000. While the "Fit based" HR-V starts at $19 500.
So there might be room there for something in between.
I bet Honda US dealers would love this. 


Anonymous said...

Doubt that comes to the U.S. Rumors are since the 2017 CRV IS larger and moved up market that there will be a new model between the HRV and CRV

Soul2Stinger said...

This will be called the WR-V. Just below the HR-V (?) so I've read elsewhere. Supposed to be FWD only despite the Fit being available with AWD there.

Anonymous said...

One thing is certain. It'll be ugly as hell.

Anonymous said...

It will sell in record numbers.