Thursday, September 29, 2016

More pictures of the all new 2017 Land Rover Discovery

 Yes. All new.
Yet it feels so familiar. That's because it is pretty much the same design as the smaller Discovery Sport we've seen for almost two years now.

I mean, this is a very nice design. And the interior is really luxurious and modern.
And it does seat 7 people instead of 5 for the Sport.
But unless you really must have 7 seats, I can't really see getting this over its equally good looking little brother.

And I'm sure many will miss the blocky previous version. It looks more like a rich mom's car now.

How close are they?
That close. (The smaller sport is the bottom pic)

I mean, if it works for Audi, BMW and many others, why not Land Rover...
A little bit sad though...

2017 Lexus IS

 Another horrible design.

And yet another proof that Walter White is not dead. That he is alive and well, and indeed providing tons of blue meth to the Lexus design crew.

That new front end (Top pic) is just hard to describe.
The rest of the car seems the same. So, just like they did last year with the GS, the new front end does not fit AT ALL the rest of the design.
It now looks like a hamster trying to shove as much seeds in its mouth as it can.
Or some sort of weird vacuum cleaner.

Here it is up close. (again, new one on top)
And again, why?

The end of the LED "point" now is way off from the grille "pinch".
That grille design is getting more and more disturbing every time they revise it.
And these giant air vents on each side?!

Please fire somebody.

2018 Honda Accord

Or: "Another sedan that looks like a hatchback but isn't"...

Just like their Civic sedan.
So I guess the whole thing will be a bit more aggressive. Slicker.

Still, why not be a bit gutsy and offer a real hatch?
It already looks like it has one.
Mid size sedans sales are dropping every year. They need something.
With the popularity of SUV's, people are getting used to the practicality of a hatchback.
I am sure the market might be ready to introduce more hatches in cars.

It already seems pretty popular in compact models like the Focus, Mazda3 etc...
Even Honda now has a hatch version of the Civic.
So why keep designing "fake hatchback" sedans???

Maybe hatches could revive sales of mid size sedans? A bit?

Ford and GM already have hatchback versions of the Fusion and Regal in Europe.
I think it would be a gutsy move from Honda and Toyota to offer the Accord and Camry with a hatch in the US.
But.. Who am I...

For many more pictures of the all new 2018 Honda Accord, just head over HERE to Autoblog.

Lexus UX Concept

 "Showcasing Lexus' vison for a compact SUV of the future"

And that future looks like a nightmare. A nightmare on wheels!

This is one of the worst thing I have seen in many years. And there is no excuse for it.
Toyota is a huge company that has access to tremendous design talent.
So crap like this should have never seen the light of day.

I mean just look at this mess.
There are rumors of a compact SUV replacement for the aging CT200h Hybrid.
Let's hope it is NOT based on this monster.

This is worse than anything they've done so far.
Just when you though things couldn't get uglier, you step inside and discover this interior.
Again, the stuff of nightmares.

Who on earth would want to be behind this wheel?!
Surrounded by a sea of mismatched aggressive shapes and screens.

They should be ashamed of even showing this in public.
This is something someone should get fired over. It should never end up on the floor of an international Auto Show.

2017 Nissan Micra

I think this looks great.

One of the most interesting small car design I have seen in a while.
Looking very modern without being to weird. And including most of the recent Nissan design cues.
So it does look like a Nissan, and nothing else.
I think they did a great job.

It is powered by a small 3 cylinder engine with 90HP. (Or a larger 1.5 Liter Diesel)

The bad news is that Nissan says they won't sell it in the US (Even though it is making it to Canada)
This would be such a giant leap from the ghastly looking Versa sedan we are still getting over here.

Let's hope they do change their mind.

BMW X2 Concept

 This might very well be the first good looking BMW SUV, ever.

In a sea of boring designs, where you can't tell an X1 from an X3. Or a new X5 from the previous one.
This is pretty refreshingly new.
(Although, it does look a bit more Asian than German from some angles.)

Still, something interesting looking from BMW. For once.
Here is the real thing, testing on public roads.
And it's actually pretty close to that concept preview.
My guess is that it's main competition would be the new Infiniti QX30.
Or even its Mercedes cousin.

Let's hope this stays as close as possible to the concept we are seeing this week.

For more pictures of the prototype, click HERE .

2017 Audi Q5

Fans of the Audi brand will rejoice.
Everyone else will be bored to death by yet another "boring copy of the previous model" from Audi.

At least, unlike the new A4, this looks a tiny bit more interesting than the previous one.
Maybe it's just because of that "New A5" line on the side. That gives it a tiny bit more character.

And the interior also seems better than the new A4. (not hard to do though...)
Except for that ridiculous little screen that doesn't seem to belong there at all.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

VW ID Concept

This is the all new EV VW has been talking about for a while.
Their new beginning. Something that is supposed to make us all forget about their diesel cheat.

They claim it will be getting up to "over 380 miles" per charge.
Sounds great.
Except the car is not due before 2020. That's 4 years!

I bet in 4 years there will be plenty of car offering a similar range.
And, sure, it looks pretty modern.
But probably not more so than the 2020 Golf or Polo.

It seems to weird to show something that early. (Why not show us their 2035 flying car?)

This just seems an exercice to calm down stock holders.
"Look, we're not done! We're working on something that'll save us. Look! Look!!"

What do you think?

2017 Land Rover Discovery

 Not much so far.
But, as expected, it looks like a larger clone of the recent Discovery Sport.
So it is looking quite good. But a bit sad to see the same design over and over.

The super square look of the previous generations had tons of fans.
Not sure this new "more family oriented" design will please the previous fans...

Here is the smaller Discovery Sport.
It's really getting hard to tell the difference now. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

More pictures of the 2017 Jeep Compass

And not looking that great this time around.
Like some of you mentioned, the interior looked fine on the first picture posted, but could actually be pretty cheap in real life.
Well, it looks super cheap already on these new pictures.
That cheap shiny black plastic seems to be all over the place.
(And leather seats won't help)

I guess, this will indeed be a rather cheap car. And Fiat isn't going to spend any more cash when people all over the world seem to crave anything with a Jeep logo on it.

Too bad...

2017 Nissan Micra

An all new version of the Nissan Micra is just around the corner. 
As it will be introduced at the Paris Auto Show in a few days.

So far, even with all that camouflage, you can tell it will actually be pretty close to the 2015 Sway Concept. Which looked great.

As I mentioned before, I was hoping this cool little car would end up replacing the ugly Versa we get over here. (Nissan has mentioned many times over the years, the possibility of selling the Micra in the US)
So who knows. Maybe this will be the one we finally get.

If you want to see more, click HERE to get to and see the rest of the Micra spy photos.

This is the Sway concept.
We'll see how much "toning down" has been applied to the production version in just a few days...

2018 Ford Mustang

It looks like they are covering a lot.
When, basically, the revisions should be limited to the plastic parts. Front/rear ends and lights.
And maybe some changes inside.

They are covering the rear side window, which is strange. Since these aren't usually redesigned for a mid-cycle refresh.

The current Mustang is a nice looking car. But I never totally warmed up to it. For some reason.
Especially inside. Where it looks like too many people who never talked to each other were involved.

Head over to Autoblog by clicking HERE to see the rest of the pictures.

2017 Nissan Note

Known in the US as the Nissan Versa Note.

It looks like the hatchback is getting a new front end for next year.
Not sure that is an improvement. The current Note looks just fine. And is actually a decent car.
100  times better looking than the horribly designed sedan version.

I was hoping that maybe Nissan would replace the US Versa with the all new Micra coming out next month in Europe. But I guess, at least the Note version, will be around for another year or two...
Here is the current Nissan "Versa" Note.
Still looking great.
That new 2017 front end with a tricky grille seems just too much fort that car.

2017 Jeep Compass

Looking good so far.
Like a Mini Grand Cherokee with a a few more modern touches.

This should turn out to be quite popular around the world...

Friday, September 23, 2016

2017 Buick Velite

Looks like the Chevrolet Volt is getting around.

The previous generation was sold in Europe as the Opel Ampera.
And now, the current model will end up as a Buick for the Chinese market.
Seems like a smart move since Buick is GM's most popular brand in China.

So there it is. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

2018 Chevrolet Equinox

This is all new. And looking fine so far.
The Equinox has been a big hit for Chevrolet, and I can see why GM didn't go nuts on the redesign.
So nothing crazy here, just a more modern, maybe even softer, version of the current design.

The interior seems to be a huge improvement though.

And the whole thing is about 400 pounds lighter. Which is pretty amazing.

It also explains why the new base engine is a "small" 1.5 Liter Turbo. Already used in the Malibu sedan.
And just like the Malibu, you can all order a larger and more powerful 2.0 Liter Turbo.
Both engines come with a new 9 speed automatic.

But unlike the Malibu, and anything else in the segment, you can now order the new Equinox with a Diesel option (!)
Which is quite a surprise.
It is a new 1.6 Liter engine.

So far, it looks like GM is really doing everything to make the new Equinox a huge hit.
Not only does it look good, but the engine choices are truly some of the most moderns out there.
And the diesel is sure to surprise quite a few people.
This is one gutsy move from GM.

Good for them!

2017 Honda Civic hatchback video

This is really interesting.
It basically shows in about 15 minutes, how the new Civic hatchback is built in its
British factory.

But before you watch, make sure you turn down the volume.
As Honda has picked the worst music ever as a soundtrack.

It's also pretty long and actually boring after a while.
It sometimes seems to show the process in a  weird order.
And it doesn't seem to show much of how the interior is put together.

Besides all this, it is a pretty interesting look at how one of the the ugliest car in the world is put together...

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mystery car....

This was sent to me from Europe.
And I am not sure what it is.

I might be missing the obvious, and it could be something already out.
Something everyone here will recognize right away and I'll look like an idiot (For the first time ever)

But so far, I can't really tell.

I was told it was a new Volvo.
Although I haven't heard of a "4 door coupe" version of the new S90 being planned.
This could also be the next S60? A fastback design would help differentiate it from the S90.

Wat do you think?

2017 Jeep Compass

Another shot of the all new Jeep.
Again, this looks quite nice.
And might steal quite a bit from the Cherokee.

But, it also comes from a troubled brand. Although crazy Sergio is putting all his eggs into Jeep.
The whole group with dying brands like Lancia, Dodge and Chrysler doesn't seem very healthy.
It seems that Chrysler has been in trouble for about 40 years now. With a constant uncertain future.
Dealing with one assy owner after another.

Too bad...

All new Mercedes E-Class All Terrain

Following the trend, Mercedes is coming up with a "fake SUV" look for their all new E-Class wagon.

I actually like that trend.
As I  do like wagons much better than SUVs. And I think that fake off road look is mostly well done by everyone.
They make regular wagons a bit more interesting and fun looking. (The Audi A4 AllRoad looks much nicer than their insultingly boring regular wagon for exemple.)

Even though I truly love the new Volvo V90 wagon. The off road version they showed us a few days ago doesn't seem to look that amazing.
But this Mercedes version looks great. Well done!

Let's hope they do sell it in the US....