Monday, August 29, 2016

Citroen CXperience video

Looking great.

I want that.

Citroen CXperience Concept

That really looks like a what a Citroen should be.
The current C5 is pretty old now. And it was pretty conservative to begin with.

Citroen does need something that reminds people of the C6. Or even more, the super cool CX sedan from the 70's.
This concept would be a good start.
Unfortunately, it really looks pretty far out. Seems that a production model would have to be toned way down.

The concept is a plug in hybrid with an EV range of about 40 miles.
And an 8 speed transmission. So nothing earth shattering here....

Thursday, August 25, 2016

2017 VW Golf

No big changes here.
Except, the "big screen".
(This thing is almost 13 inches, and almost looks too big in the Golf.)

Otherwise, things look basically the same for the Golf.
Outside, excpect the usual "new lights and bumpers", but nothing more.

This is supposed to be available in Europe later this year.
In the US? Who knows...

2017 VW CC

Once again, the CC will be a slightly sportier version go the Passat sedan.
Except now, it will be based on the nicer European model Passat. Not the one we are getting here.
So, for us, it will look all new.

The exterior will now be a hatchback.
But inside, it looks exactly the same as the Euro Passat sedan (Bottom picture).
Which, again, is not sold here.
And is much never than our US version.
So basically, good news for us.

If this second generation CC (Or whatever they end up calling it) makes it to the US.
(not sure yet)
And if it does, the big question will be when.
Since it usually takes VW at least two years to bring anything over here...

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2017/18 Kia Rio

Of course, these are the usual exaggerated official sketches.
But, beside the oversize wheels, this look pretty realistic.
And it looks rest.
Taking the current (and still very nice) design and pushing it a bit.

This will be serious competition to the Ford Fiesta.

And a small crossover based on this is also coming up soon.

Good times.. Good times...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

2018 Jeep Compass

Looking pretty good.
It is based on the same platform as the Fiat 500X/Jeep Renegade, but is obviously a bit larger and more upscale.
I think this has the potential to be a huge seller for Fiat/Chrysler.
As they have been pushing the Jeep brand lately. And everywhere.

It also seems ( So far)  they will keep the "Compass" name for the new car.

2017 VW SportCoupe/CC

Whatever they end up calling it, this will be one good looking VW. Something we haven't seen for a while.
(I think the Euro Passat does look great, but we won't ever get it in the US.)

This is based on the Euro Passat, not the cheaper/bloated model we share with China.
But it will be a hatchback. Which is great.
Finally, and car that looks like a hatch, and actually is one.
Unlike the Civic and many others.

Sure, it is still pretty derivative.
I see some of the new Malibu here and there. (Another car that should be a hatchback)
It even reminds me of the previous Hyundai Azera.
Still, it is basically a Euro Passat hatch, and it does look good.

It has been testing lately, in the US. So we might actually be getting it.

Here is the concept from last year.
As you can tell, the production model seems really close.
Which is great.
And it didn't take them 5 years to get a production version almost ready!

2017/18 VW Teramont

So far (An I admit, these are not good pictures) this looks worse than I thought.
After all these years, we finally see the production version of the Crossblue concept , and it is quite a let down.
Although I was never expecting some futuristic/exciting/original design from VW, this is pretty bad.

I mean, it seems that pretty much anything else in the segment will look better.
Even much older players like the Ford Explorer.
But this looks especially bad next to the new Mazda CX-9.
I mean look at that interior.

And also. The US arm of VW was lobbying really hard to be able to pick the name for the new crossover. This could be, after all, a huge seller in the US for VW.
And after all this, all they could come up with is "Teramont"?
(Even Crossblue was a bit better.)

I mean, it does look like a bigger version of the new Tiguan (Still not out in the US...)
So maybe they figure that's all they need.

I have to say, so far, this looks pretty lazy.

I predict another "Passat problem". It will sell fine for a year, because, "new ".
Then sales will drop and drop every year.

I wonder what hope there is for VW in the US.
The new Tiguan will surely sell, but they can't seem to bring it over in a timely manner.
And they are letting the Jetta age far, far too much.
(It is old and I haven't seen any prototypes of the next one anywhere)

Good luck.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

2018 Hyundai Sonata

As you can see, there will be quite a bit of change for the Sonata next year.
(The current model is the orange one)

At least up front, where it already looks quite different.
(Let's hope it also gets a more interesting dashboard while they're at it)

The current Sonata has apparently sold well with previous Hyundai owners. But didn't reach that many people outside of the brand, like the more daring/interesting previous model did.

So it looks like they might be backpedaling a bit and make the current model more exciting for next year.

2018 will be a competitive year for mid size sedans.
With an all new Camry and Accord coming out.
These are the big guys everyone is trying to beat.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mercedes GLC Coupe

This isn't all new, but I had not seen these "real life" pictures of it yet.
And I really like it.

I think it looks much nicer than the regular sedan.
It's kind of too bad they made it an SUV, really. This would have made a great C-Class hatchback. Without being jacked up.
But since that's what they sell now. Plus, it is probably sold here as a light truck. Which means less regulations than a "car". So that's even more money in their pockets.

Still, I do like it better than the sedan and the boxy and generic looking "regular" GLC.

The only mistake (in my opinion) is the omission of the glass roof. Something that is available in the other versions and almost every new Mercedes model.
This only gets a regular/tiny/almost useless old fashion sunroof.
That's too bad...

I am also not sure of pricing. Will it be more than the GLC?
Or in between the sedan and GLC??

Then new GLC Coupe reminds me of that old AMC Eagle SX.
Sure it only had 2 doors. But the 4WD Eagle was also available as a sedan and wagon.
And that was in the early 80's.

These cars were truly and literally ahead of their times.
And I think they still look really good today. Especially the wagon.
(They even had a convertible for a while!)

I mean, looks at this guy! Right?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cadillac Escala Concept

I think this is pretty surprising. ( at least to me.)
Not sure what I expected for Cadillac's new concept....

But after looking at these pictures for a while, I do like it a lot.
I think the front end is a great, more subtle design for future Cadillacs. The rear lights are 1000 times better and classier than anything they are doing now (That poor CT6 rear end...)

And, surprise, it's even a hatchback!

I think a hatchback is a great idea. Since people are now so used to them in SUVs. It might be a great way to get people back into sedans (at least some)

The interior is also much nicer than any of their production models. And quite a bit retro.

It uses the same platform as the CT6, but is 6 inches longer.

And the concept is powered by a 4.2 Liter Twin Turbo V8. Yes, a V8!
GM calls it "a prototype of a new system in development for future Cadillac models".
Which sounds like "Next Escalade engine", or "Upcoming option for the CT6" to me.

But.... We've been had before. Cadillac had great concepts with the Ciel and Elmiraj.
All we got after that was the CT6. Which is a huge let down.
So, let's hope a lot of this designs ends up in the next ATS sedan (CT3?)
Since it seems to be the next sedan inline for a redesign. Before the next CTS.

Meanwhile, we will see an all new compact SUV and a larger one based on the next Buick Enclave.
So maybe these guys will have some "Escala touches" as well.

But this, basically, should have been the CT6.
I mean, just imagine...

Beijing EH400 EV

I know, this looks like the most boring car ever.
It is based on a previous sedan from Beijing, itself based on the old GM Saab 9.5.
So nothing all new here.

Except, it is an EV. With a claimed 250 Miles range.
Which, right now, puts it above anything else in its class.

This was previewed as a concept a while ago, but now the parent company BAIC claims to have actually started production of the car.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept Coupe

Looking pretty amazing, I must say.

What a stunning blend of futuristic and weirdly retro design.

At the same time, it seems pretty strange. Since Maybach is not a separate brand anymore, it seems strange to have this all new design.
The only Maybach available now is a stretched version of the S-Class. And their next morel will be a stretched version of the new E-Class.
So you would think a coupe might be a super luxury version of the S-Class coupe (?)

But it looks like Maybach might want to show off and have at least one original design in their portfolio.
This concept looks like it wants to fight the Bentley GT. Which is actually a great idea.
Considering how popular the GT has been.

But... This is still just a concept. With its super futuristic and unrealistic interior.
So it all depends on how the actual production car really looks like. And when it is coming out.
Since an all new, sportier looking, Bentley GT is just around the corner...

Monday, August 15, 2016

2017 Buick Cascada ST

This is a little disappointing.

For 2017, Buick is adding a special edition "ST" to the Cascada.
Which is about $900 more than the loaded model.
But all you are getting for your money is a new color, new wheel design, new steering wheel, and something called "black magic interior components".
I call that PR BS.

I know the Cascada is all new in the US, and it's probably too new to address a few of its shortcomings.
What it could use is:
-A more modern dashboard with less buttons. Not "black magic interior components".
-They could have included an upgraded Bose stereo. (For the $900 that are asking)
-There was nothing wrong with the steering wheel.
-And the wheels are different, not better.

I can't really see the use of this.
The Cascada is a hit for GM and sales are exceeding expectations.
And, after driving it for a whole week, I really think it is a great convertible.

But they need to revise what needs to be revised. And it's not just a new color or new wheels for $900 more...

I guess we'll have to wait for 2018.

All new Cadillac Concept coming up

This one seems to be celebrating a new partnership with LG.
So lots of electronic on display.
From that video, it looks very 70's. Which could be really cool.
Although the 70's are not really remembered as the best decade for Cadillac (far from it)

Besides that, they will of course claim a new design direction. Or preview of a new model.
Which is usually 100% BS.

Do you remember their gorgeous Ciel and Elmiraj concepts?
All we got since are the CT6 and XT5.

And no matter how hard I try, I really can't see any of the Ciel in the CT6...

2017 Honda Civic Hatchback

I can't say I am surprised, since I posted a picture of this a long time ago.
Still, I think this is pretty horrible.
(And that's coming from someone who loves hatchbacks)

I mean this is one of the busiest design I have seen in years, making the Mazda3 look like a classy model.
It seems that every other hatchback on the market looks better.

Just look at that rear bumper!
(What is going on in the mind of someone who designs that???)
This is pretty close to a visual nightmare.
Not only when compared to the competition, but also the previous versions of the Civic hatch. The ones we didn't get in the US...

The good news is that now, the 1.5 Liter Turbo is available with the 6 speed manual, not just the CVT.
The manual is available on LX, Sport and EX models.
(So no leather and stick shift for you)

This is the current one. Sold in Europe.
Not the best looking thing ever. But still. the new one makes this look like Marilyn Monroe.

I still think the previous generation was the best ever.
Never sold here, of course.

Still a great looking, original  design.
Now compare this to the new one...

Saturday, August 13, 2016

VW Crossblue VS. Skoda Kodiaq

The Kodiaq is almost out.
As for the VW, who knows....

We've been waiting for years. (Especially the poo VW dealers who really needed something like that years ago...)

So far, they do look really similar.
The roof of the Skoda seems a bit sportier towards the back, but that could be the angle of the picture. And the lens.

It looks like, once again, the VW version will be the more boring one.
I mean, the new Mazda CX-9 is light years ahead of this already...