Friday, July 22, 2016

More pictures of the all new Acura CDX

So far, they claim this is for China only.
But you know the temptation of bringing it over here will be pretty strong.
Since any SUV from anyone pretty much sells in the US.

I am sure it is just a matter of time until this arrives in US dealerships.

It is based on the HR-V and is powered by a turbo version of the small 1,5 Liter engine with over 180HP.

But I mean, just look at that thing.. How sad is it to see how bad Honda's designs have become.
And the horrific looking grille is almost worst than what they had before.
The whole thing is so tacky and vulgar...


Anonymous said...

The grille is better than before, but not wow, and the color is clearly emetic. As far as vulgar, you need to check your taste at the door, Vince.

Unknown said...

from the profile it reminds me of the last generation Hyundai Tuscon, which is maybe not what they are trying to go for.

Anonymous said...

Still trying to figure out that shifter. Is it a rotary? Maybe a sign of a new direction Honda is taking on future vehicles.

Die Already said...

I wish Acura would just die.

Anonymous said...

The HR-V that its based on is clearly showing through. Acura clearly doesn't know how to build a luxury or even near-luxury vehicle, no matter which country its in.