Thursday, July 07, 2016

2017 VW "Crossblue"

 Or whatever they will call it.
The Crossblue concept came out 3 years ago. And it already looked pretty boring then.
As far as I can tell from these, we shouldn't except anything great from the production version either.
3 years later.

Imagine how "conservative' this thing will look next year.

VW has been struggling with getting this thing into production. They needed it years ago.
So now we hear the new Tiguan will come out first (It's been out in Europe for a while)
Which means we might have to wait even longer for this one .

This is pretty sad, really.
As a reminder. Here is the 3 year old concept.
Not ugly. Of course.
But just imagine how a toned down version of that could set the market on fire..


Anonymous said...

"A while" = 6 months that the Tiguan has been available in Europe.
Whilst you might not like VW as they don't have outlandish designs, at least their cars will look good for years to come, unlike a lot of other cars.

Tard said...

Anything that was half-way nice on the concept looks to be gone in the grainy pics. This is going to flop majorly for VW.

Anonymous said...

a box...typical VW what would you expect really....Haans

Anonymous said...

EVERYBODY-- from Honda Pilot to VW is trying to copy the Chevy Traverse. I'm not sure I'm all that excited about ANY of them!

Anonymous said...

The photographs look much more "heavy-handed" than the svelt, Jeep-like prototype from 3 years ago.

Education Project said...

What if this is just a Chinese knockoff of a VW?

Anonymous said...

Get the fuck off your fat ass and make a better car instead of monetizing on your negativity.


well, if VW was going for 'ugliest fucking front fender in production' ...