Monday, July 25, 2016

2017 Mitsubishi Lancer

 Looks like the  Lancer is not dead yet.
At least in China.

This newish/improved/revised model is for the Chinese market.
In other countries, Mitsubishi will now concentrate on SUVs and Crossovers. A well as Plug-ins and EVs.

I must say, this does look more like a Chinese design to me.
This is the current model.
Which, I think, still looks OK. Especially for how old it is.
Sure it's boring, but it was never ugly.

These idiots just gave up on it years ago...


Anonymous said...

Mitsubishi hasn't been a relevant carmaker anywhere in the world for 20 years. They really should just sell their corpse to another automaker

Patrick said...

Actually, Vince, this is the 2016 Lancer: . A facelift for the rest of the world was revealed a few months back.

Joern said...

If you look a little closer, the structure seems to be the same. The proportions are the same. So it is the same old car with the current design. It doesn`t look good on this car. Cheap and ugly.

Now that Mitsubishi is under the Renault-Nissan umbrella this could be one of the last "genuine" Mitsubishis.

Education Project said...

Looks Chinese.