Thursday, June 02, 2016

GMC Canyon Diesel test drive coming up.

 I just got a diesel Canyon today for a week.
So I will be reporting on it soon.

I was really curious about it, since it has been getting very good reviews from other sites and magazines.

And I was a little bit disappointed by the V6 I drove last time. About a year ago.
(Despite 305HP, it always felt slow when pushed.)

We will see if the Diesel legendary torque feels better (It should)
On top of getting better mileage.
The first thing I noticed (Literally the first thing) was how cheap the key looks. And feels.
The remote is fine, but that cheap old key...

I will answer any questions if you have any.


Anonymous said...

What exactly do you want from a key?

humanoid said...

They couldn't integrate the key with the remote? Really? It's 2016 for cripe's sake!

Anonymous said...

these diesels are junk, Cummins is where its at !

Anonymous said...

I remember reading somewhere that GM was reverting back to separate key and fob due to the ignition scandal. What a joke!

- Fusioptimasx