Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lexus LC

Just a few new pictures. (Or at least they are new to me since I haven't seen them before)
This particular one is the Hybrid version.

While it does look great even in red. (Most pictures of the LC are of the red one)
In a more "regular" color it looks really fantastic.

Even the Lexus grille everyone loves to hate works here.
It just feels part of the whole thing. A lot has to do with the lines at the edge of the headlights matching the meeting the smaller part of the grille. All these lines got where they are supped to.
Unlike most other Lexus models.
(I simple thing done wrong most of the time.)

I actually cannot wait to see this. And I know there will be plenty of them around here in L.A
Lexus has already hinted it might be priced slightly bellow the BMW 6 series.
(As it should be, really)

So they're not pulling an Acura on us. Who priced the NSX like an Aston Martin.

This is what an expensive car should look like.


Anonymous said...

I like the Acura design more. The Lexus is for the geriatric crowd driving at 52 mph to the country club.

cesare monti said...

I agree with you Vince. Thats car is simply beautifull. I love it in any parts

Anonymous said...

this is attractive because of the Nissan floating roof idea

Anonymous said...

The elderly now have an alternative to the slowest, cheapest Corvette.

John Miller said...

This thing is a total disaster! Sad!

People are tired of Lexus being designed by LOSERS.

The SC, now that was a GREAT Design. This thing has the face of a FAT PIG. WEAK!

Anonymous said...

I think the price will be slightly higher than the LS and lower than the 6 and 7-Series.