Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Chevrolet Avalanche wannabe: 2017 Silverado High Desert pack

You just know that with all these pick up truck sales going up, GM must regret not having a new version of the Avalanche.
(Which was discontinued when the current Silverado came out)

So there is it: a new option pack. Which turns the current Silverado into an "Almost Avalanche".
And why not.
It doesn't look bad.

Here is the official claim:
"The High Desert package blends the capability and utility of Silverado, with the refinement and luxury of Suburban".
Which does sound like a lot of PR BS to me.

As after having driven both, I can tell you that the Suburban is not really more refined or luxurious than the Silverado.
But hey, that's marketing for you...


George A. said...

Vince,you know this is one of the vehicles thats holding GM back in terms of relaibility according to consumer reports.

Anonymous said...

I hope it gets the suburbans dashboard