Saturday, May 14, 2016

2017 Audi A5

Wow... How sad is this.

An official teaser from Audi, showing a camouflage prototype of the "all new" A5.

And, of course, it looks like the same car as the one we have now.
Just like the A4, it will be a slightly squared off version of the current model.
With the new A4 terrible interior. Which is much worse than it was before.

The current A5 interior is still very, very nice.

I always wonder why car makers use pictures of their camouflaged prototypes as teasers.
Since we have seen much better pictures of that car already...


MrFantaPants said...

Anyone who thinks the A4 interior is terrible clearly has rocks in their head.

Anonymous said...

"With the new A4 terrible interior. Which is much worse than it was before."

Wow, that's a VERY untrue statement! Went to Audi launch party last friday I must say the A4 and Q7 are HUGE improvements from its previous generation models. For starter, the new A4 drives much better and takes off faster than the previous one. The new Q7, is beautiful inside and out! Speaking about quiet rides, they have achieved that! I left the test drive event with good memories and both vehicles exceeded my expectations, and this is coming from an owner who used to own 2 Q7s and A5, Q5 and A8 before.

Anonymous said...

No reason for Audi to test camouflaged future cars. They all look the same as the previous model, ecxept for a few tweaks.

he hate me said...

those are some very strong opinions for a car no one has yet seen.

Anonymous said...

Vince, I think we see companies release photos of camouflaged new models AFTER spy photos have shown the real car because the people in the marketing departments could careless about cars and aren't online reading about the latest models, so they don't even know they've been scooped.

I worked with plenty of car salesmen who knew literally nothing about the cars they sold, and who couldn't have cared less about upcoming models etc. Most people just want to punch a clock and get paid.