Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fiat Mobi

This is something else we are not getting here, as this is for Brazil.
But, it still looks pretty interesting.

It is small and pretty cheap. About the size of a regular Fiat 500.
And about $12,500.
( I would have thought, being for Brazil, this would be even cheaper)

And its actually kind of cute.

I think Fiat needs to really re-thing what they are selling in the US. The 500 L is a disaster.
On so many fronts.
And the 500 is getting old, really.
So why not this?

What do you think?


Unknown said...

I like it. Good replacement for my 05 Scion xB.

PGA said...

It is a really nice Fiat Panda!!!

Unknown said...

It sure couldn't hurt them. I think they should bring that little pick-up too. And the Panda.

Anonymous said...

Seat graphics look horid If they were to sell this in the US make it a Chrylser product not to canablize the 500X or Renegade. It would fill in the hole that the soon departed Dart couldn't would fill demograhically.

Steve90041 said...

If the fiat mobi does not come to the u.s., they don't know the u.s.nmsrket.