Thursday, March 10, 2016

2017 Buick Encore

This is, technically, the Chinese version.
But our US model will be the same.
As you can see, it gets all the changes applied a few weeks ago to the Opel Mokka.

The one pictured here looks to be a base model. With tiny wheels and no fog lights.

So this is closer to what we'll be getting.
Just imagine the Opel with a Buick logo.

The Encore is also getting the Mokka's new dashboard.
And maybe a little bump in power as well.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see the bumper diaper on the baby Buick is now blacked out. Before it was too prominent and looked a little ridiculous when it was painted silver.

Carl Sandstedt said...

I have a 14 Encore, which I love.

Sans waterfall grill and portholes, (both of which are styling clues almost seven decades old), maybe the "That's a Buick?" ads will begin to make sense.

Unknown said...

This could be the best choice of mid cars by 2017.