Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tesla Model 3

Here it is, finally.
Looking like a small Model S with a Model X front end.
The lack of grille looks really weird since there is space for one, so it just looks like its missing.

The whole thing looks more like a concept than a production car.
So this is also a bit weird. I didn't read yet if this is the full on production model or not.
The  interior especially. And the headlights, don't look production to me.

But if they are, it's actually pretty futuristic.

The all glass roof seems great. But that also mean the car is not really
a true hatchback like the model S and X. Which is really too bad...
(There is no separate section for a hatch in the glass part)

-Range is said to be above 215 miles for the base model.
-That base model is also fast with 0 to 60 in 6 seconds.
-It does start at $35 000 before incentives.
- 115 000 pre-orders so far. Which means the 1st year of production (at least) will be spoken for when the car will be available at the end of 2017.
Which also means you'll have to wait until around 2019 to get one if your name is not already on the list...

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y?

Not 100% sure if that is new or not...
But it could be the Model 3 on the right. Which makes sense since it looks like the S.

But the one on the left has a cover that reads "Model Y" on it.
The Model Y will be the SUV/Crossover version of the 3. Just what the X is to the S.

But strangely enough, that one on the left looks like it's sitting on something that makes it higher (The wheel arches are really high)
And it does look more of a fastback shape. maybe a new coupe?

What do you think?

Today is Tesla Model3 day.

Later today, Tesla will unveil its all new Model 3.
This is a big day. And not only for Tesla.

Sure, the car won't be available to customers for over a year, maybe two. Maybe more!
And meanwhile, GM will have the 200 miles Bolt EV out in just a few months.

But Tesla has an amazing brand image. And people are already lining up to reserve one!
(Elon Musk has already said they might have to revise their production plans.)
A few years ago, they had mentioned producing 100 000 a year of their upcoming "smaller model".
Which seemed really hard to do back when the Model S was selling less than 10 000 units a year.
But now they sold about 30 000 last year in the US and Canada alone.
So 100 000 for a much cheaper model actually seems pretty conservative.

We know almost nothing about the new car, meanwhile crazy rumors have been spreading.

What we know:
-It will start at $35 000
(That will make it an amazing $25 000 after incentives in some states. So basically, a 3 series competitor for a Camry price.)
-It will be 20% smaller than the model S
-It will have a range of at least 200 miles.

The rumors I have heard:
-0 to 60 in under 4 seconds
-Taller than model S (Which is wrong from the official teaser above)
-300 miles range (could be a high end version)
-Up to $60 000. (Actually not that crazy since the model S goes from about $75 000 to well over $100 000)

We are not even sure what we'll see tonight. Since Musk is labeling the event a "first part".
So we might actually be quite disappointed.

What I really want to see is the actually car. Actual specs can come later, sure. Why not...

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Opel Adam not coming here as a Buick (?)

A while ago, after Buick announced the Adam would be sold in China as a Buick, everyone and their brother thought it meant the tiny car was also coming over here.
Even though GM never said that.
Now, these same people think it will never come here.
Because of what Buick's Duncan Aldred just said a few days ago :
"I wouldn't be looking for a small, B-segment car today".

GM never said we were getting the current version in the 1st place.
( I even seem to remember then saying it was never engineered to be sold in the US)
But I think there is still chance we might get the next one. Due out in at least two years, or more.

I mean, there is a market for this.
Especially this really cool, slightly raised up version pictured above.
Fiat still sold over 25 000 units of the regular 500 here last year.
(Over 42 000 back in 2012)

What do you think?

Friday, March 25, 2016

2017 Toyota Corolla

The Corolla gets a new front end for the new year.
And it's just fine. Inside it looks like the changes are limited to a larger screen.
Which is also fine.

I think the current generation looks OK. It has more style than before, without scaring anyone.
(Like the new Civic which might have gone a bit too far)
And, it is still a best seller.
They moved over 363 000 of them last year!

So you can see why they're not going nuts with changes.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Chevrolet Suburban test drive coming up.

I am driving a Suburban for a week. So feel free to ask me anything about it.

So far:

-It's huge. No surprises there. But too big for many parking spaces. Which really sucks.
(Almost missed the local Happy Hour last night looking for a big enough spot...)
-Apple Car Play still doesn't work right. About 50% of the time.
-5.3Liter V8 is smoother and quieter than the larger 6.2Liter in the Yukon.
-Still big enough to sleep in (Camping trip coming up)

So there...

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Finally, pictures of the US version.
It has been years...

I think it looks fine, inside and out. I know most people love to hate Mitsubishi these days, but I really think this looks just fine.

The weird thing is that Mitsubishi still has no official specs for the car.

"the Outlander PHEV will offer a high electric range and combined miles per gallon"
What does that mean? Nothing that's what it means.
If they can squeeze over 30 miles in EV mode and over 40MPG in Hybrid mode, all for a decent (cheap) price, then they have something.
Otherwise this thing will be DOA.

What do you think?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Volvo S90 US pricing.

The all new Volvo sedan will start at $46 950 in the US.
That gets you a 250HP T5 model.
The 316HP T6 model goes for $52 950.

Now, lets compare that to its competition:
-Mercedes E-Class $52 650 (The "old" 2016 model)
-BMW 5 series $50 200
-Audi A6 $46 200
-Lexus GS $45 615
-Cadillac CT6 $53 495

So the Volvo is pretty much in the middle/lower end of the pack.
(I was hopping for a little bit better pricing. )
That also means that the gorgeous V90 wagon will be almost $50 000 to start. Since it is priced at about $3000 more than the sedan in Europe.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq US version

Still a really good looking car. In my opinion.
I do hope this sells a lot and steals from the new Prius. With its inexcusable ugly design.

But.. The final specs aren't that great.

As mentioned before, there are there versions.
The regular Hybrid is powered by a 1.6 Liter engine and a 6 speed auto. A total of 139HP
No MPG specs yet.

The Plug-in version has a range of "more than 25 miles".
Sure, that is better than the new Prius Hybrid's 22 miles. But we are in 2016!
When a Volt gets over 53 miles on EV mode.
So this is kind of disappointing. Unless it is price really well. Which means much less than the Prius.

Finally, an all electric version is available.
With a 110 miles range. Again, not that great. It matches the latest version of the Leaf.
But an all new Leaf is scheduled for next year.
And the 200 miles Bolt is around the corner.
So again, pricing will be key. This needs to be cheaper than the Leaf equivalent.

The Ioniq seems really cool, but doesn't bring anything really new. Or more advanced than the competition.

At least it looks good.

2017 Subaru Impreza Hatchback

 At least this does look better than the outgoing, blocky, model.
Seems a bit lower, with a much nicer stance.
And the interior has finally entered the 21s century. (Although not by much)

But, what's with the 90's tiny sunroof option???

It is powered by a revised "revised version" of the usual 2.0 Liter with 152HP.
And a CVT.

By the way, not only Subaru doesn't seem to be able to design a truly modern car. But they also can't take a decent picture of it!

2017 Acura MDX

They did it. They finally got rid of that weird "beak/shield" grille they were putting on everything.

And they replaced it by... another ugly design!
I mean what the hell is that??!

And they just added a giant version of their logo on it, to make sure we know what it is.
(That logo is so great looking too....)

This "refreshed" MDX looks even older than last year's model. It is terrible.

I think it's time for Acura to give up. Give up on designing their own car.
Call Giugiaro to the rescue ! Anyone but the people they have right now.
And do it fast.

It is basically impossible to find a worst looking SUV for the price, really.
This looks like a cheap eastern european car.

The sad thing is, Acuras are really good cars. They drive really nice and are super reliable.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2017 Subaru Impreza Sedan

 The production model (Top) is, again, different enough from the recent concept that it pretty much ruins the design.
I mean, the Impreza has been one of the worst looking small sedan for years now.
Everyone is making an effort to stand out a little bit. Improve their design. (Look at the Civic!)

Instead, Subaru is constantly teasing us with decent to great concepts and never ever follows through.
This looks like it came out 10 years ago already. And it's not even out yet.
Inside, things seem better than before and more upscale.

But nothing we haven't seen before. Everywhere. From everyone else....


2017 Mercedes GLC Coupe

Forget that stupid "coupe" name. 
What you see here is the C-Class Hatchback. Slightly raised up.
And I think it looks great.
So we'll be probably getting the same engines as on the C-Class sedan.
They do mention the new 9 speed Auto ( I think the C-Class still ash the 7 speed. For now at least)

Interestingly enough, there is also a plug-in Hybrid version with an EV range of about 20 miles.
A nice idea, but these days I would think 30 miles would be a minimum. Especially for a higher end brand. 

And.. Why such a tiny sunroof??
Mercedes offers great glass panels on almost all their cars now. (Even the C-Class)
This looks like it's from an old Infiniti.

2017 Mazda MX-5 RF

What the hell is that??

I am actually not the biggest fan of the "new" Miata's design. ( I liked the previous one better)
And I always thought the hardtop version of the previous design was fine looking.

But this?!?!

I mean, look at that fake side window! That is one big piece of black plastic.
Which makes the B-pillar huge!
A real small glass window would have looked more... normal.
And now, for the best part: visibility with the top down (!!) sucks.

What were they thinking?!?!?

Lincoln Navigator Concept

Quite a shocker. I am not sure what to say.
At forst, I hate it. Especially the horrible new Lincoln grille.
They finally got it right on the MKX and they ruined it with the Continental and revised MKZ.

On second thought, I really like the simplicity of the whole design. (Still hate the grille)
It is actually very retro. And.. Very "Lincoln".
Especially inside. The super simple retro futuristic interior is great.
And look at that cool steering wheel!

Not sure what will stay for the production model we'll see next year. (You can bet the crazy doors won't make it)
At least it's interesting.
Too bad that horrific grille ruins everything it's put on...

2017 Chevrolet Colorado

Just got this so I thought I'd share.

(I'm not even sure if this is the US version or not. Really...)

I drove the Colorado a few months ago and was pretty impressed. Except for the anemic V6, it drives great. (I guess the diesel option fixes that)

So it's good to see GM keeping it fresh.