Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2017 Fiat 124 Spider European price

The European press is reporting a 34 000 Euros price for the new Fiat Convertible.
Which is about 4000 Euros more than the equivalent 160HP version of the Mazda Miata.
(A cheaper, less powerful version is also available over there)
The Lusso model would be 2500 Euros more.

In the US, the Miata starts at $25 700. Using the same math, it would put the Fiat at around $30 000.

I think that is a lot.
I am really not sure Fiat can charge much more than the Miata over here.
It doesn't have such a great image to begin with...

Of course, it does depend on equipment etc... And how Fiat wants to position the car in the market.


Captain Midnight said...

Well, the Fiat at leass looks better than the Maita inside and out. SO, maybe 28,000.

Unknown said...

I can see $28-30k for this.

Anonymous said...

not cool enough, too much monita and make it look exactly like old ones, in pininfarina....wake up sergio!!! plus dealers are rude, it's 2016, so get with it Fiat!!!!