Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Better pictures of the Cadillac CT6?

Some reviews are already in (mostly really good)
And with them, come new pictures of the large Cadillac sedan for 2016.

I must say, it does look better in dark. With the light interior. And that more convincing wood on the dash and console.

The car I sat in at the Los Angeles Auto Show was ll white. And the interior was pretty horrible.
But it had that weird "carbon fiber wannabe" finish.

So I have to admit, this is so much better.
But it still starts at around $54 000. Which, in their mind I guess, means you get a larger car for E Class money.
The problem is, you're not getting any of the prestige.

I think its main competition might very well be coming from the new Genesis G90.
Which will have similar pricing and lack of prestige.

This might be a great car, I'm not saying.
It's just weirdly sized and priced (In between E and S class)


Anonymous said...

Doesn't look any nicer inside than an old STS. Sorry, not sorry.

The plastic trim around the Navi looks really cheap, and what is that hump on top of the dash?

Anonymous said...

I think you will find its presence much more significant when you see it on the road. Only then will you be able to appreciate its size/stature.

Dylan said...

Trim around nav is perforated leather. Hump on dash is a center channel for the ne Bose system.

Les said...

Looks like a slightly larger CTS. Which would make sense if the CTS was selling, but it isn't. Is it popular in China?

They should try something new instead. This is just flogging a dead horse, design-wise.

Dylan said...

The trim around the navigation is perforated leather. Hump on dash is a center channel for the new Bose system.

Anonymous said...

Cadillac has wrong designs and pricing and poor reliability. Why bother? I might as well buy the Genesis, although I will not.

Anonymous said...

The car has ok lines but is totally without emotion. The rear looks too Lincoln and elements of the interior such as the booted shifter are so out of date. I don't see anything ground breaking here, just another vanilla design from Generic Motors.

Anonymous said...

completely disjointed where the tail lights meet trunk...yuk

Anonymous said...

Nice car. It's what has been lacking at Cadillac since the demise of the DeVille/Fleetwood (aka Deville Touring Sedan; aka. DTS ). I LOVE the wood on the dash, and also like Cadillac's new design language (long vertical tail lights and DRL/turn signals) It will compete indirectly with G90, but I don't think people who want a car this big will seriously consider the E / A6 / BMW-5 --or vice-versa. (If you like the Germans, and can fit into them, you won't look at a CT6, G90, or the largest Lexus.) The $54k price is as meaningless as the $50k price on a 5-series or G90; If you want any options at all, you're into $65k+++ pretty quickly. For me, if I can get magnetic ride & automatic stopping for under $60 I get the Cad -- if not ( and you cant -- I checked) I'll be getting the Genesis instead. Even though I like Cadillacs dash and exterior better. $70k is just more than I'm willing to spend for all that I want.

Anonymous said...

This model just bit the dust. This could've been a good seller:


Vince Burlapp said...

Yes! The ELR is great! But not at $75 000.
These idiots did everything to kill that car.