Sunday, January 10, 2016

2017 Mercedes E-Class

We've seen it before. These are just a few more pictures.
I actually like the new Volvo S90 much better. Especially the interior.

For 2017, the base engine in the US will be a 2.0 Liter with 241HP and a 9 speed auto.
As you can see above, a plug-in version will also be offered soon.

The current model offers a diesel as the base model in the US. Priced at $52 650.
Other wise you can get a V6 for $53 100.
So basically, for 2017, the new 2.0 Liter replaces the V6. (But I bet it won't be cheaper...)


Anonymous said...


This would probably be the Merc I would buy. It's a nice compromise (in style and size - not a comment on quality) between the C and the S. That being said, I wish it were differentiated more from the C. I'm not a huge fan of that model, and the E seems closer to the C than the S (splitting hairs, I know...)

Anonymous said...

Behold...the LaCrosse of German cars! It's fine. It's the default choice for the 1% above the age of 60. Some of those interior color and materials are fairly vulgar.

Anonymous said...

unsure looking, lost in a way

Anonymous said...

Exterior still generic & uninspired -- which is as good as it gets at Mercedes. But I love the interior! Now the only question is, can a "full size" (over 6'2") AMERICAN actually FIT into it???