Saturday, January 09, 2016

2017 Lincoln Continental!

This is it ! The real thing. (Concept in blue)

And of course, it is very close to the concept. Since this "Concept" was just the production model with extra trim and big wheels.
So, those who liked the concept will love this.
I never liked the concept. So I'm not crazy about this new Continental.

I still think that grille design is horrible. And I do expect much more heritage from something called "Continental". Not just a generic design.

But, I am sure it will be a very nice car. Why not.

It'll be the "American Acura RLX". Very nice and very invisible.
Which is exactly what a Lincoln Continental should NOT be...

 Again, from the rear, very close to last year's concept. (Although it does look quite a bit cheaper)


pimpassnigga said...

Anonymous said...

I'll wait to see it in person, but I like it.

Anonymous said...

Well, it certainly looks more like a luxury sedan than say, the latest S-Class or 7-Series. And it's NEW (unlike the veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrry long-in-the-tooth A8). And I think it will bury the Lexus and Genesis; and give Cad's CT6 a run for the money! I believe they hit the "sweet spot".

Anonymous said...

Not my type, but the previous generation was a hit with the limo business. It looks pretty nice.

Anonymous said...


I had never noticed the door handles. But now that I have, I hate it. It looks terrible.

I really WANT to like this car, but it's just not happening. It lacks that intangible "presence" quality. Take the badges off, and it could be the next Toyota Camry or Honda Accord.