Monday, January 11, 2016

2017 Lexus LC500

Simply looking stunning...

This is the production model. I repeat, the PRODUCTION MODEL.
Lexus has done an amazing job at turning the concept from 2012 (Already...) into a production car.

Well with the wait.

This is the concept. (Second version of it)

A Hybrid version will soon join the V8 as well.

More details coming soon. Very soon...


Anonymous said...

Not sure about the unusual side profile especially towards back. Kind of breaks the thin profile. That said very likely unaffordable pretty much for everyone.

Anonymous said...


The interior (not pictured here) is absolutely stunning. It looks like a piece of architecture. I read somewhere that this is supposed to compete with the S-class coupe. Maybe in price, but not in performance or intent (in my opinion). I was never fond of the concept, but now that it has translated nearly whole cloth into production I'm starting to dig it.

Gromit said...

It's not often that a production car looks better than its concept version.

This thing is drop-dead gorgeous.