Sunday, November 08, 2015

Range Rover Evoque convertible.

Yes, this is for real.

Pretty much the same car as the concept we saw a while ago. Back then, reactions went from "WTF" to "why?".
Which, I guess, will be the same for the production version.

I mean, I do like the Evoque a lot. And I love convertibles.
But tall/SUV based convertibles never look good.
The Nissan Murano convertible is the only thing I can think of that could be comparable to this. And It was a big flop.

Plus, I really don't thing there is a market for a 2 door SUV convertible.

This is the weirdest way to spend R&D money.


Les said...


Unlike the Murano, I think this convertible looks good. The proportions are right, and there's no awkward bulge where the roof folds-in. I love the straight line going from front to back, it makes it look like it was meant to be a convertible.

Anonymous said...

There are simply NO convertibles right now that have enough rear seat legroom for adults. If this accomplishes that--there will be a market. The next problem is getting the message out to all who have given up looking for a "practical convertible" fast enough to show a profit--and that could be tough (FINDING those who have given up searching for such a vehicle).

Anonymous said...

this will work huge because rich women and kids will want this and will get it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but this is a little better looking than the then ugly Murano. And do not forget picnics with silken tablecloths and all the high society could have with this thing.

Anonymous said...

I hate to disappoint you Vince, but cutting the roof, does not include any R&D money. Zero.

Gromit said...

It looks like a waste skip on wheels.

Derkcir said...

Needs a roll bar

Anonymous said...

This thing is awesome. Not logical, but it is flashy, stylish, good looking and a massive status symbol. Picture yourself as an over-privileged 21 USC graduate. Daddy, please PLEASE get me the Range Rover Cabriolet?!?!

OK, honey.