Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Finally. After all these years.... Alfa in the US


Les said...


Now that you've seen both the Alfa and the new Jaguar, how do they compare?

They will both be sold with 2 litre turbo fours and manual transmissions (base model), presumably around the same price.

Vince Burlapp said...

The Alfas were all locked.
(Pretty much the only ones in the whole show) So I got to see the interior through the windows.
It looked just fine.
But still a bit generic. (The exterior is extremely generic)

As for the XE, I got to sit in it. (Will post pix soon)
It doesn't look as cheap as in some of the pictures I saw earlier.
Still. The lack of wood is weird for a Jag. And it doesn't seem amazing at all.
But much better (to me) than the new A4. Or 3 series.

I really think the C-Class interior is ahead of everyone in that price range/size

Carl said...

Yeah that new Guilia looks just like an ILX in the back with exposed tailpipes...