Thursday, November 19, 2015

AutoShow Quick note: Mazda VS. Fiat

I must be in the minority, but I do like the Fiat version better than the Miata.
I was a big fan of the previous version Miata. (Test drove it twice)

But I cannot warm up to the current (more aggressive) design.
So I do like the Fiat "clone" better. (except when compared to the still stunning 1966 original Pininfarina design)
It does have a different design, and the front is a bit longer.
Which I like.

The interior is exactly the same. But you can order this brown color. (I think the Miata now comes in black only. Except for that limited "launch edition")

It was also really fun watching all the long/boring PR BS introducing the car. And its "Italian heart".
The whole thing was about being Italian etc... Never, of course, mentioning the Mazda link. Ever.

It should also end up being the most reliable Fiat ever made. (Since it is built in Japan alongside the Miata).
Another plus...

What do you think?


srtr said...

I also like the Fiat 124 version better than the Miata. I think it has a lot more style and flair, and it's easy to identify its 124 Sport Spyder ancestry.

longodesigns said...

Anxious to see it on Saturday. I'm leaning towards the Fiat too, as there seems to be a vintage "roadster" vibe that is sadly missing in the Miata.

robert said...

I am in the fiat club too. I definitely like it better in the pics. Waiting to see it in person.

jazz lover said...

Absolutely. Fiat is a much more attractive and more classic looking roadster compared to the overly rounded Miata. The tan leather option is awesome and makes this car look at least one class above its level.

PGA said...

Why Mazda is building a Fiat?