Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2017 Kia Forte Facelift

I really like the Forte.
Especially the current generation. I really nice blend of conservative and modern design.

I think this "facelift" is useless.
I even think the new front end is worse. Much worse! (what do you think of that?!)

This is all kind of ridiculous...(At least they didn't rename it "Costanza Jr.")


Tard said...

Looks like Kia's going back to its roots ... circa 2003.

That looks terrible compared to the current Forte.

Anonymous said...

Like the current Forte.. except for the front end. Have never liked how many different lines/angles/shapes there are in the grille, headlights and such, because it actually made the car look cheaper than the Rio. To me, the simpler, classier front end is an improvement, but the taillights are a definite step backward. However, this is in line with the Optima and Cadenza, and even the new Sportage.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Anonymous (Nov 24 7:44 PM), I think that is a huge improvement. The current front end makes the car look like it cqan be sold in Toys R Us.

Anonymous said...

I don't know 'Tard.. I think it addresses the cars' number one weakness in my opinion- The nineties-esque melty front that's kinda derivative of a Dodge Intrepid circa 1998. Looks more stern and authoritative. But who am I but an internet troll?

Anonymous said...

wrong again, Burlap. This is a nice step forward.