Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2017 Ford Escape

 Ford claims most of the sheet metal on the 2017 model is new. (Red car is the 2017)
So, let's see.  It really doesn't seem like it at all.
Not that an all new car is expected, or even needed. The Escape is still one of the best looking compact SUV around. And it also drives great.

This is just a mid-cycle refresh that allows it to look a little bit more like its big brother, the new Edge.

Inside, the console seems to be the biggest news. Where the new design (Top picture) makes the Escape interior look and feel more like a car.


Anonymous said...

Why oh why couldn't they get rid of that silly fake vent on the fender!

Anonymous said...

I wish they would do away with the diaper surrounding the exhausts.