Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New "Karma" promo video

Pretty amazing. This has to be the ultimate PR BS video.
This new promo video for Karma (no more Fisker, or even "Elux) manages to actually say nothing. For a whole 1 minute and 28 seconds.

The last words are "are you going to wake up?". Yes. Really...
It sounds like a weird translation of Chinese text. (Which it probably is, since this is now a Chinese company)

Besides the weird video (Which could very well be about VW these days) , I still think the Karma is one of the best looking car on the road. And I do wish them well, since I'd like to see more of these on the road.

So there...


Anonymous said...

I have a different view. I think this video is a really brilliant marketing piece.

Insanely cool images, nice music and a very forward-thinking vibe.

It piqued my interest, stirred my soul and has me wanting to know more.

(And no, I don't work for the company).

Anonymous said...

what garbage!

Anonymous said...

This is a disturbing trend. American innovation & invention getting sold to Chinese opportunists. Just like Volvo (div of Ford). We spend time, money and creativity on the R & D only to have the rewards of it all go overseas. It's destroying the US Economy. But since nobody in Washington has ever run a business they remain clueless to the problem and clueless to how "the never-ending-recession" can be stopped! You want great AMERICAN cars in your future? Vote for a President who gets it next time. Vote for a President who CARES where the great cars of the future are produced. Before Tesla winds up like Fisker, Volvo, or even like Mercury, Pontiac & Plymouth!

Anonymous said...

This video is almost entirely made up of stock clips. It could have been a video for planned parenthood, corporate conference, software, tires, depression or erectile disfunction. Clearly a company like this has to be creatively competent. And this video shows that it isn't.