Monday, September 07, 2015

Mystery Nissan Crossover coming up

Nissan will show a new Crossover at the upcoming Frankfurt auto show.
So far this looks more like a concept to me...

Not sure if there is any room at all for a new SUV/Crossover in Nissan's line up.
I mean from Juke to Pathfinder everything seems to be covered.

So this could be the new redesigned Juke. Maybe?


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, it's the new Joke... (Oops, I meant 'Juke')

It really needs a serious re-do.

Anonymous said...

Its B-segment. So probably Juke.

robert said...

It is said that this will be the 240sx successor, the idx that never happened and the new Z car all rolled into one.

Seems more likely it is a next gen juke to me but who knows with nissan. This is a company that sells old cars in the same lineup as it's newer version.

Anonymous said...

that's gotta be the new Juke...which ironically is the best use of this face.

To bad the QC will be hideous.