Wednesday, September 02, 2015

All new Kia Sportage interior

I bit more boring. More square and busy.
I guess that's what they would refer to as "more grown up".
Or "upscale".

I am sure it is. But I am still a big fan of the current model. Which seems a bit less pretentious to me...


Blade Shunner said...

It does appear to have a panoramic sunroof, however!

Anonymous said...

Probably trying to get more "grown up" because a loaded "cheap hatchback" like this, a Mazda 3, or VW Golf; are into the low $30's. And the latest entry-levels from Mercedes, Audi, BMW and Lexus are also "4-dr hatches" and also "in the low to mid $30's) So Cars we think of as "cheap" are competing head-to-head with both near-luxury (Buick & Lexus) and even Luxury (BMW, Mercedes, Audi) ...on PRICE!