Friday, July 17, 2015

2017 Lexus LS???

This was sent to me from Europe.
Suposed to be some upcoming Lexus models.

But I can't really see which one. It almost looks like a hatchback. But also seems RWD.
Maybe the next CT?
I also think the car on the bottom could be the next LS.
But that other one on top is pretty weird...

What do you think??


chris helgesen said...

I think you meant the Lexus CT, as in CT250 Hybrid. Lexus doesn't have a TC.

Anonymous said...

lexus and toyota are very lost in the styling and quality department

JLR113 said...

It wasn't sent to you from "Europe", as these are VERY old photos from MAG-X, taken in December 2013 of a domestic Lexus prototype.

In fact, only a small subset of people have been discussing it as a possible LS prototype or four door coupe. Someone cropped these from the Japanese magazine article and put them in B&W. Very old news.

JLR113 said...

Says you, the heralded design expert, oh so cowardly under an anonymous name? Very much a subjective statement, so your opinion is useless and merely noise, unlike truly constructive criticism.

On the other hand, your inane "lack of quality" assertions regarding either brand are an absolute joke as well.

Typical juvenile trolling antics of such atmospheres, with no solid facts nor irrefutable evidence to back it up.

JLR113 said...

Vince, this was absolutely not "sent from Europe". Someone lied about these. They are very much from a Japanese publication MAG-X, taken of a Japanese Lexus prototype in December 2013 and first published in January 2014.

These are VERY OLD photos, thus very old news. Someone merely cropped out these photos from the magazine and then tinted them to B&W.

To date, only one small subset has even commented on that particular vehicle being a possible LS prototype, which includes me. It was mostly suggested to be a GS-based mule, for a four-door coupe.