Tuesday, June 23, 2015

2016 Mini Clubman

I think this looks fantastic.
Pretty much as good as last year's concept. Sure it's big for a Mini (about 10 inches longer than the current model)
But I think it's fine for the "Family model" of the line up.
And it doesn't have the "wannabe SUV" look of the Countryman (Which is also being redesigned)

It also looks like there is real legroom in the back. Something the 4 door version of the Mini doesn't really have.

This is really a cool looking car.


Anonymous said...

Minis are emotionally tempting cars to buy, but almost everyone I know who owns/owned one refuses to buy another, ever again.

If they'd fix that issue, they would have my business every time. Till then, logic wins.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a Mini, which isn't a bad thing (I guess). At the most, it's a well done interpretation of Mini design.

I would hate dealing with those swing out rear doors, though. They're cool looking, but very impractical.